May 4, 2015

Movie Quote Monday :: Kate and Leopold

[Talking on the phone]
Stuart: Are you sitting down?
Kate: [standing] Yes.
Stuart: No, you're not.
Kate: Yes, I am.
Stuart: No, you're not.
Kate: Ye...
[Kate sits down in chair with a thud]
Kate: Okay.
Stuart: I found it.
Kate: What did you find?
Stuart: The portal. A crack in the fabric of time. It was over the East River, Kate, just where I said it would be.
Kate: You found the portal?
Stuart: A portal into April 28th, 1876. I jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and took a walk in 1876 today. I followed the Duke of Albany around old New York. Are you listening?
Kate: Avidly.
Stuart: This here's the twist, Kate. Here's the kicker.
Kate: What's the kicker?
Stuart: [whispering] He followed me home.

I know! Kind of funny to post a picture of Kate with Leopold and then a quote of Kate with Stuart. But I love that convo! Stuart and Kate's friendship and how well they know each other is just sweet. Of course, neither of them would think so. At least not at the beginning of the movie. :) But then there's Leopold! Oh my goodness, what a gentleman! When I watched this with Amber the other weekend, I'd forgotten how much fun this movie is. And how much I wish there was an actual Leopold for me! The way he sweeps Kate off her feet? *swoon* And she's so determined to be this modern woman, but learns exactly how lovely it feels to be a bit old fashioned. This movie is too adorable! :)


  1. Wonderful job transcribing that scene - I just love it! I love all of that movie. :D And I love watching it with you via Twitter!! So fun. :)

    And, um, yes - can we get a couple of Leopolds here? I could use one, too! ;)


    P.S. Love your line about Kate being a modern woman who "learns exactly how lovely it feels to be a bit old fashioned." Beautifully said, friend!

    1. And I've just noticed that I totally meant to link to your blog when I mentioned you up there! Sorry about that. :/ But yes! I loved watching it with you as well! You always make my movie watching time SO much more awesome, Amber. (Probably cause you're just fabulous in general.)

      Where are all our Leopold's hiding? Surely there is at least two somewhere?! You know, one for me and one for you. ;D

      And thank you! I loved Kate's trajectory in the movie. Being a bit old fashioned is awesome in my book. :)

  2. That is a cute movie. Good choice. :)

    1. Thanks, Hannah! It's definitely a fun one, isn't it? :)

  3. I've only watched pieces of this movie but I remember swooning over Hugh Jackman lol.

    1. Hugh Jackman is well worth swooning over in this movie, Sandy! It wouldn't be half so wonderful without him as Leopold. :D

  4. I haven't seen this, but I love Meg Ryan, so I might have to remedy this.

    1. It's pretty fun, Kami. If you enjoy a little time travel mixed with a swoony hero and cute romance, then I definitely recommend it! :)


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