June 24, 2015

Little Letters :: Thirteenth Edition

{It's been way too long since I posted one of these! Which is ridiculous since I love these posts.}

Dear A/C Repair Guys, THANK YOU. Another week at work with no a/c was not what I was looking forward to at all. I am so grateful you finally showed up. (Even if you were a day late.) When it's 90 degrees or better outside, a/c is very, very, very important.

Dear Hannah and Hamlette, you guys rock! I heart our bookish convos. Every time I get an email notification of another blog comment from either of you, it just makes me happy. I hope y'all know how awesome you are. (Plus I just found out that Hamlette discovered A Snicker of Magic and loved it! How spindiddly is that?! :)

Dear Summer, well, you certainly decided to show up with a bang! No slowly creeping in happening here. Nosiree, you are bright and hot and dancing everywhere! I could've used a little more time to adjust, but as you didn't ask me my opinion, I suppose I'll take what I got. (I am enjoying your sunshine! Just not your heat and humidity.)

Dear Antique Tractor Show, I really only visited because dad is so involved and required my help. Turns out you can be quite fun! I admit the fresh, homemade (giant!) doughnuts enticed me a lot more than the tractors though. ;)

Dearest Nephew of Mine, thank you for driving the golf cart so carefully. Also for not minding that your aunt was around, especially when your friends showed up. I'm very thankful you missed that ditch I was sure I was about to be tossed in! All in all, I think I won't be too worried when it comes time for you get your driver's license. (Still glad you've got a few years left to practice though!)

Dear #BookBesties (or Rissi and Amber), our twitter convos never fail to make me grin. There is just nothing like chatting with friends who get you. I love that we start out a convo all serious-like and end up talking in exclamation points about some book we all love! You both are awesome. The end.

Dear Nutella, is it bad that my jar is almost empty and 90% of it was eaten with a spoon? What can I say, sometimes a girl just needs a midnight snack, you know?

Dear Rel and All The Inspy Ladies, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the process this year! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to participate. I don't know how y'all got started or whose idea it was, but woohoo for them!

Dear November, can't we change all your publishing dates to June?! I am beyond ready to read Winter and The Bronte Plot! Seriously. I NEED them. Like now.

Dear Blog Readers, I don't know how many people actually read my thoughts, but those of you do are awesome. I'm so grateful that you stick with me, even in the weeks where I sporadically post or don't post. Thank you for sharing this little spot with me. Even if we've never chatted, please know that I am very happy you visit! It means a great deal that you visit actually. So thanks. :)


  1. You rock, too! I love our conversations. Nothing is more exciting than to share exciting bookish discoveries with a like-minded individual! I'm reminded daily of this because I don't know how many lectures I've gotten at work lately from customers who are obsessed with James Patterson. Over it!

    Homemade doughnuts are delicious. I've been baking a lot of doughnuts lately. Although with the heat, I think it's getting to be an ice cream time of year. I'll have to ditch doughnuts for a little while to find some new ice cream and popsicle recipes. :)

    Nothing wrong with a midnight snack. I share your love and appreciation of good eats.

    1. You said it exactly, Hannah! "Sharing exciting bookish discoveries with like-minded individuals" just makes my heart sing. :)

      Ice cream and popsicles sound lovely! Most especially right now when it's been very, very, VERY warm outside.

      Yay for good food! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys eating. :)

  2. Nutella is dangerous. I will eat it with a spoon in three days, one spoonful at a time in stolen moments when my kids aren't looking. Sigh.

    I relish our bookish discussions too! It's so much fun discussing books with people who understand them, like you.

    1. Nutella is extremely dangerous, Hamlette! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who eats it with a spoon. A good reason not to keep it on hand all the time!

      I agree completely! Discussing books with others who understand them and who love them as much as I just makes me happy. :)

  3. What a fabulous edition! And so glad to hear you enjoyed your INSPY experience!!!

    1. Thanks, Jamie. And I did! All of you INSPY ladies are awesome for all you do. :)

  4. Happy that you seem to be doing well :) May this season bring you lots and lots of happiness.

    1. Thank you, Ganise! That means a lot. And yes, I am doing very well currently. I hope you are as well! :)

  5. Aww! This is adorable! And yes--a/c is very, VERY important;)

    1. Thank, Olivia! Having no a/c is extremely difficult in the summer. You forget how much you rely on it until it's gone! :)

  6. Wonderful "little letters," Kara. I hear you on not having A/C. I'm pretty unhappy if it's hot and I don't have it. Our car lost it last year and let me tell you, it was not fun travelling in it until we had it fixed. *frown face* ;)

    Summer hasn't been too bad temp. wise this year, but the RAIN and humidity? It's gone unchecked. But then I am grateful we've not seen Texas rains.

    Yay for November book releases! Early Christmas presents to us!? ;)

    THANK YOU for the shout-out. Right back atcha, friend. #BookBesties needs to be a thing. Love that we can wind up with nothing but exclamation points, and talk about any and all of our fandoms! Hugs to you and Amber both.

    Ooo and I'm echoing Jamie. Glad you enjoyed the INSPY experience. Thank you for applying and putting in the time. :)

    1. Oh goodness, I can imagine how miserable that was, Rissi! We just never realize exactly how much we rely on them until they don't work. And then we're VERY grateful to have them again! :)

      Yes! We've had lots of rain as well, but not nearly like Texas for when I'm thankful. We've had just enough for me to enjoy it, but not get too tired of it yet.

      Yes! I like that idea (excuse? ;). Early Christmas presents for the win! :D

      #BookBesties should totally be a thing!

      I really did. So glad I had the chance to participate! All of you INSPY ladies do such a fab job that I hardly did any work at all. Because reading is so not work. ;)

  7. A/Cs and A Snicker of Magic are both just lovely. :)

    And I am totally with you on those November releases!! This wait for Winter has been excruciatingly long... *heaves heavy sigh*

    Thank you so much for the super sweet S/O, friend! I love our convos (and our watch-alongs)! :D Grateful for your friendship! *Hugs*


    1. I agree with you there, Amber! :)

      SO so so so long! *wails* I am beyond ready to find out what happens next for Cinder and the gang! *waits impatiently while frowning at clock*

      You are entirely welcome, my friend. #BookBesties are awesome! :)


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