July 9, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hamlette tagged me with this lovely blog award a couple weeks ago (thank you muchly, my friend!) and I am finally getting around to joining in.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
2. Put the Award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Nominate ten blogs

1. Do you like westerns?

Sometimes. There are a couple John Wayne movies I've seen and enjoyed and there are a few new westerns I've seen and enjoyed. But that's not the genre I'll generally choose to watch or read. (Eep. Hopefully you're still my friend, Hamlette? I know how much you love westerns! :)

2. What was your favorite TV show as a child?

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood (How could you NOT like Mr. Rogers?)

3. Are there any salad dressings you dislike?

Store-bought French dressing. There are some homemade recipes that I like, but not the store-bought kind!

4. Do you call carbonated beverages "soda" or "pop" or something else?

I grew up calling them "soft drinks", but when I moved to CA I somehow started calling it "pop". So now I tend to jump between both names for no obvious reason.

5. What's the farthest from home you've ever been?

This is tough because I have two homes, California and Virginia! (I think California will always be "home" for me, I loved it there.) So, if we're talking the place I grew up, then the farthest from Virginia I've been is California. Or maybe Washington? Not certain about the mileage difference. And if we're talking California, then that would be Washington or just over the border of Arizona into Mexico.

6. Have you ever eaten a peanut-butter-and-onion sandwich?

Um....really, Hamlette? Is this a trick question or have you actually eaten one yourself? (I did some research and found out you have eaten one and wow. How about I just take your word for how good they are?) Because no, I have NOT eaten a pb&onion sandwich. I wish you joy of them, you can have my share.

7. Do you like roller coasters?

I do! Haven't been on one in years, but I do enjoy them! Or at least I did then, but I figure that probably hasn't changed.

8. Do you subscribe to any magazines?

Nope. I did for a little while, but I kept getting months behind on reading them, so I gave it up.

9. Do you wear a wristwatch?

Yep! My arm feels strange when I don't.

10. When do you generally get up in the morning?

Weekdays is somewhere between 6:30-6:45 and weekends is usually more like 8:30ish (I like my Saturday sleep in! :).

But now see, this is my non-fave part of these blogger awards. Ten more questions? And ten bloggers? Do I hafta? I'm going to cheat and tag everybody! All my followers and/or readers, you are officially tagged! (Yay for you!) And you can answer the same questions as above. Because I wanna know if anybody else has eaten a peanut butter and onion sandwich! ;)


  1. We can still be friends :-) Honestly, I only know two people who completely share my passion for westerns: my dad, and DKoren. It's okay! You're not adverse to them, which is a big improvement over some of my friends, hee.

    I loved Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Daniel Striped Tiger was basically the puppet version of me.

    I will admit that I eat a pb&onion sandwich maybe once every five years. Once in a while I just get a hankering for one, and then after I've had it, I'm good for a long while.

    High-five to a fellow wrist-watch-wearer! I also feel off if I don't have mine.

    1. Oh good! Although I did figure so, it's nice to know for sure. I'd sure hate to lose your awesome friendship, Hamlette! :D

      Yay for Mr. Roger's Neighborhood! Daniel Striped Tiger could still be the puppet version of me some days.

      I'm glad to know you enjoy them. Truly! I think we all have things we grew up with that we like. Maybe mostly because we grew up with them and our parents liked them? At least that probably helps. But I do not think I'll be trying one of those sandwiches, thanks all the same.

      Yes! I constantly look at my arm when I'm not wearing my watch and it's just weird. Part of my morning routine is putting my watch on! :)

    2. I just discovered that our Amazon Prime membership would let us watch a whole bench of seasons of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood! I may have to start letting my kids watch some :-D

    3. It's on Amazon Prime?! I'll have to let Gabe watch that now, too. I bought the first 27 episodes of Duck Tales recently, so he's really gotten into that. Launchpad is his favorite character, of course.

    4. Duck Tales! I haven't seen that in years and years! Wow, y'all are really bringing out the memories for me. And clearly I should finally give in and get an Amazon Prime membership... :D

  2. Fabulous post, Kara. And what fun questions, Hamlette. I'd have the same reaction as you, Kara about that onion sandwich. I mean I like onion on my sandwiches, but with my peanut butter (or as I prefer cashew butter)... um, nope. Sorry, not gonna happen. ;)

    1. Thanks, Rissi! And yeah, it doesn't really sound very appetizing, does it? But like I told Hamlette, I think we probably all have weird food that we grew up eating. My dad and my grandma love green bean sandwiches. I don't touch them myself. But I also loved to eat peanut butter and mayo and banana sandwiches when I was young! Clearly I wasn't in my right mind then. ;)

    2. I agree! We do all like funny things. Yet another reason, this world and the people we meet can be fun. I'd be firmly in your camp about those green bean sandwiches... doesn't sound tasty to me. ;) Love green beans as a vegetable, but that's good enough for me.

    3. Rissi: Yes! Green beans are just perfect as a veggie. No need for bread to be added to the equation! ;) It is fun to hear what other people enjoy. We all grow up so differently and have such different foods that are native to our areas, which makes for interesting conversations like this one! :)

  3. Nice answers! I love learning all the fun, quirky details about my blogging friends through these things!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! And I know what you mean. It's fun to find out little things about each other that we'd never know otherwise! :)


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