January 13, 2016

5 Things That Make Me Enthusiastic

1) Labyrinth is an AWESOME movie.
The end.
{Clearly this is mentioned in relation to the fact
that David Bowie died this week,
but you already guessed that, I bet.}
Also, tell me I'm not the only one who loves this movie!


2) I have two books that I'm determined to read this year.
So I'm stating it here so y'all can help keep me accountable!
Smart, right?
(We'll see if I still agree with that come December. ;)
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery


3) Have you seen the amazing things Jamie has in her new shop?
So much bookish goodness to be found!
Go check it out.

Image of Literary Keychains
For example, bookish keychains!!

4) I just watched season three of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
and y'all it is SO GOOD. I think this might be the best
season yet? I may do a review of sorts at some point,
but until then just know that you need to watch
this series if you haven't already.
Go. Shoo. Go watch it.
Then come back and gush with me.
Because Phryne! And Jack!!
And Dot (who is just awesome) and Hugh!
Go watch it.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Series 3

5) My coworkers think I'm absolutely ridiculous, but I cannot
wait for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! I have not
read the book, I'm not certain if I will at this point.
Because we all know the movie is going to be a bit
different than the book, it's inevitable, and to be quite frank
I've looked at the book in the store and had no
enthusiasm to read it. Which, I know, does not
match with my excitement about the movie.
That's okay though! Because it doesn't have to make sense!
It just is.
And man am I ever excited! ;D
I'm enthusiastic about the actors and actress too!
(Have you seen who all is in this movie?!)
Now let's just hope it's not too gory,
though if it's like Warm Bodies then
it won't be too bad. I'm excited
regardless, at this point!



  1. So you've never read the Blue Castle before?!! I LOVE THAT BOOK TO BITS. I hope you like it!! :-)

    1. Naomi: I have not, amazingly enough. But this is the year! I just know it! :) And thanks! I remember reading your enthusiastic review and that just encouraged me to move it up my TBR.

  2. Blue Castle has been on my "I'm going to read it this year" list for a while now. But maybe 2016 will be it!!

    Ummm...LOVE The Labyrinth! We grew up on that movie. I know it's so strange, but one of those classics. That's how I will always remember David Bowie! "You remind me of the babe. What babe?!"

    I can't wait to see P&P and Zombies! I might have to go see it by myself, but totally am! I read the book. It was entertaining (and some random parts), so I'm interested what they'll keep and what they'll change.

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for the shout out!!!! :)

    1. Jamie: This is the year for both of us. I just know it! :D

      Yay! It seems not too many people I know like Labyrinth, so I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my love of this movie! (And now I'm singing that song in my head. Thanks. ;)

      I've a feeling I'm going to have to watch P&P and Zombies by myself as well. But no matter! I shall do what I have to watch it! :D So you liked the book overall then? That's good to know. I'm not sure what it is about it that I haven't been able to convince myself to read it. I'm kind of doubting if I ever do. Unless the movie convinces me otherwise! We shall see.

      You are so welcome! Your shoppe is awesome, my friend! :)

  3. Love this post! I really enjoy Northanger Abbey. I just love Mr. Tilney! Not as much as Wentworth or Knightley, but I still love him. Sadly, I am not a bit David Bowie fan. This Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries looks awesome! I haven't even heard of it. I'll have to go find it. I haven't read Pride Prejudice and Zombies, but I've always wanted to. I've heard it is the exact same story, but some of the characters are zombies. It sounds fun. I should read it before the movie comes out!

    1. Thanks, Kami! Mr. Tilney is awesome, isn't he? I'm with you, Wentworth is still above him, but Tilney is awfully adorable. :)

      The Miss Fisher's series is very awesome! I hope you can find a copy. I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix, for your info.

      I am so very curious about P&P and Zombies. It will be interesting to see what it's like! :)

  4. I do love Labyrinth. I want to watch it, but I don't have it and it's not on Netflix. I'm so sad.

    And, I am ecstatic about P&P&Z. I. Cannot. Wait! I haven't read the book yet, but I plan to read it between now and the movie's release. Right after I finish The 5th Wave. :)

    1. Jenni: Yay! Another fan of Labyrinth! Hopefully some day soon you'll get the chance to watch it again.

      And double yay for P&P and Zombies! I am SO excited! I'll keep an eye out for your review of the book, I don't think I'll be reading it before the movie. We'll see about after. :)

  5. You want to read "Northanger Abbey" this year, too?! I'm determined that this year will be the year I read it- it's been sitting unread upon my shelf for too long.
    I, too, am wanting to watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The cast looks wonderful! But no one around me seems to be interested in it as much as I, so if I go and see it I will probably go alone. I just hope it's not too gory.

    1. Grace: This'll be our year! Yes it will. It's been on my shelf unread too long as well. :)

      I'm hoping P&P&Z isn't too gory either. But definitely excited about it! We'll all have to chat about it after, to see who liked/disliked what.

  6. 1. I like Labyrinth okay. I've seen it 3 or 4 times because a college roommate loooooved it, though.

    2. YES! Read them. Sooner the better.

    3. I know! Her store is great.

    4. Never heard of this, but looks like my library actually has 3 seasons of it (GASP!!!), so adding it to my TBW list.

    5. I have no big feelings either way.

    1. Hamlette: I understand. It's a movie that most people either like or don't like. It's unique! :)

      2. I plan to!

      3. Right? I'm hoping to order some stuff soon.

      4. You should! It's very delightful! (For the record, it's definitely not child friendly.) Happy watching! I hope you like it.

      5. That's okay. I'll be excited for you! :D

  7. Hooray for the shout-out for The Shoppe! SO happy for Jamie. Plus, her shop has darling things.

    As for Miss Fisher and Jack, I love them to death. They're amazing. 'Nuff said.

    You and me both as regards P+P+Z. I'm reading the book and then will likely have to settle for the DVD release since everyone around me things I'm nuts and likely no one will want to see this one with me. ;)

    1. Rissi: Yes! Jamie's shoppe has so many things that I want NOW. Hopefully placing an order soonish. :)

      YES. 'Nuff said indeed! (Plus you already know my feelings on the subject. ;)

      So what do you think of the book? I'm curious about it, but can't get any enthusiasm for reading. SO excited for the movie that I'm pretty sure if I have to go watch by myself that I will. Maybe. But either way, at some point we'll definitely have to chat about it. Once we've both watched it.

  8. The Labyrinth is amazing! R.I.P. David Bowie; it's so sad.

    Good luck with your planned reads!

    I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and just cannot get into it. Most of the people I know liked it, but eh. It feels like a bad adaptation, and that's something, since I know Seth Grahame-Smith is a good writer. He just doesn't stay true enough to the characters for me. I think I'll like the movie, and I have about five friends who already invited me to see it with them, so we'll see. Since it's an action thing and I don't have to worry so much about how characters are different, it will probably be better for me than the book.

    1. Hannah: Yay! Glad to meet another fan of the movie! :) And yes, it's very sad about David's passing.

      Thanks! I hope I get to both soon.

      Woohoo for the movie! Sounds like your friends are as enthused as I. :D That's what I'm thinking, that I'll like the movie better than the book. I just can't convince myself to read it. But maybe someday. Who knows?


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