April 1, 2016

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Eighteen

Y'all I am still catching up on my reviews from last year. Still! It's almost April already!! I should so be caught up by now. *sigh* Yet here am I. So you know what that means! More mini reviews for your consumption. But please don't think that because I don't gush over these stories means I didn't enjoy them! Because I did. :)

Anyhoo, on with the fun stuff!

The Proposal by Becky Wade {novella}
This is a pretty quick read, yet its sweetness is not to be missed! Having not read Undeniably Yours yet (*gasp* I know), this was my first introduction to these characters. While it would probably be helpful to know their beginning, I was able to understand and enjoy the story without any trouble. As a big fan of Ms. Wade's, I always seem to fall in love with her characters, especially the swoonworthy heroes she writes. And Will is most certainly one of those! :) I loved this peak into he and Amber's lives and look forward to reading more of how they came to be at these particular moments.

Prelude For a Lord by Camille Elliot
This one had been sitting on my shelf for far too long before I picked it up! As a fan of the regency time period and definitely of Camy Tang! (she wrote under a pen name), I should have known this would be right up my alley. I really liked the characters and how they frustrated one another, yet neither could seem to stay away. Watching the two fight their attraction is great fun! :) I've not read of a musician heroine from this time period before and didn't realize how scandalous that would've been back then. But I loved how Alethea was determined not to give up on her beloved instrument. With a sweet romance, a curious mystery, and great characters, this was a delightful read!

A Cliche Christmas by Nicole Deese
As a huge fan of Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies, to say I was absolutely delighted to know the heroine of this story was a screenwriter of theirs would be putting it mildly! All the little callbacks to those movies just made me grin every time. And the characters? Georgia is awesome! She's been hurt by Weston though, so their relationship moves slowly. But he's determined not to be ignored and I loved how he pursued a friendship first before a romantic relationship. He's got as much on his plate as Georgia, and they both have to work at communicating and opening up their hearts. Watching them find their way is oh so wonderful though, and while the story is based during Christmas, it's one to be enjoyed any time of the year!

Told You So by Kristen Heitzmann
Wow! I was so not expecting this story, my friends. It completely sucked me in and what a ride I was in for! A powerful look at choosing to forgive no matter what and how difficult that can be, yet how freeing. This story is certainly edgier than Ms. Heitzmann's others, yet do not let that deter you! Because the twists and turns of the plot held me captive and the chemistry between the key players in this story was felt in every line of dialogue and even more so in their unspoken body language. The feelings refused to be denied! Both characters make mistakes and forgiving themselves is just as difficult, if not more so than forgiving the other. It's an incredible and very well written story and I am counting down the days until book two! :)

Love and Freindship and Other Youthful Writings by Jane Austen
I discovered this little gem a few months ago and couldn't pass it up since it was Jane Austen! A compilation of stories, some finished and some not (or at least they felt unfinished to me), some sent to family members for various reasons, others discovered after her death, and all a good deal of fun to read. Since most are pretty short, it was easy to read bits and pieces as the notion arose. Many of the stories are written in epistolary form as well and I really enjoyed that aspect of them. One can never go wrong with reading Austen, right? (And now I'm especially curious to see how the film adaptation of Lady Susan turns out!)

Corral Nocturne by Elisabeth Grace Foley {novella}
This was a very sweet historical nod to Cinderella and I quite enjoyed it! A fellow blogger recommended this one several months ago and as she rarely steers me wrong, I knew I'd pick it up some day. I'm so glad I did! (Of course, it was helped by the fact that she mentioned she kept picturing Armie Hammer as Cole and well...*swoon* ;) It's a quieter story, yet the characters shine brightly. Ellie is so gentle and wonderful, I wanted rather desperately for things to get better for her. And Cole? He was just perfect! His tender care of Ellie was a delight to read and made me about fall in love with him myself. :) A charming story well worth your time!

Never a Bridesmaid by Janice Thompson {novella}
Janice Thompson's stories are just about guaranteed to make me grin, so I always look forward to them! This one is no exception. Mari is a wonderful character! She's feeling slightly overlooked by her older sister as she prepares to her wedding day, yet never lets that deter her from making sure things are running as smoothly as possible. She tends to stay in the background and how much did I love that a certain someone notices! He gently draws her out and their friendship and subsequent relationship is so very sweet and adorable. If you're looking for a cute and entertaining escape from reality, this little story is perfect! Most certainly a keeper, my dear readers. :)


  1. The Proposal is pure delight and of course, Told You So is the kind of read you don't forget! So many fun books you've featured, Kara. Great post! :)

    1. Thanks, Rissi! Both of those are wonderful. Especially Told You So! That one is still rattling around in my head how many months later. SO good. :)

  2. So... did you think Armie Hammer suited Cole too?

    I have a copy of Prelude for a Lord, but haven't read it yet.

    1. Hamlette: YES. I rather enjoyed picturing him while reading. Cole sweet nature just fit with Armie's cute smile. :)

      Prelude is fun! I wasn't sure I'd love it when it first came out however long ago, but was glad I finally picked it up. It is a bit different than your typical historical romance, so will look forward to hearing what you think of it!


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