July 15, 2016

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Twenty-Two

More reviews! Yay! (I hope.) Anyhoo, still doing a bit of catch up, so here goes. :)

All Who Dream by Nicole Deese
This was just a really fun story! Although the beginning took a little bit to smooth out for me, I'm glad I hung in there. Angie and Jackson have pretty great chemistry and the two of them just have this heightened awareness of the other at all times. I loved all their banter and the way they affected each other. But I especially loved the way Jackson befriended Angie's son, Cody. He knew how important Cody is to her and is so very gentle and wonderful. Plus they both have things from their pasts that must be dealt with. All this combined made for a sweet story that made me smile. :)

Secrets of Sunbeams by Valerie Comer
The romance moves a tad bit quick in this one, but that doesn't mean it's not still pretty adorable. Because it is! Eden and Jacob rub each other the wrong way when they first meet, but it's not long before they're unable to deny their attraction. Both tend to be pretty stubborn though, so they find their way together through trial and error. And apologies. I did love Pansy the goat a great deal! She certainly added some adventure and humor to the story. Overall a cute and fluffy read for when you just need something short and sweet.

From Winter's Ashes by Amy Leigh Simpson
I vacillated between really enjoying this book and skimming really quickly through other parts. I loved the romance bits! While it moved a bit quick, it helped tremendously that Joss and Finn had a past and had known one another for several years. There was definite undeniable chemistry going on whenever those two were in close proximity! Much to my delight. :) But the rest of the story kind of lagged for me. The mystery is sufficiently mysterious and does have several edge-of-your-seat moments, but somehow it never pulled me in completely. Not really sure why. Still, I did enjoy reading this one overall.

Gentle Like the Rain by JoAnn Durgin
I loved this! Isabella and Sidney completely captivated me from their first encounter and I laughed my way through each subsequent debate. They click immediately, even though they try and deny it, and their witticisms just flew around constantly when they were near the other. But I also really appreciated the gentle way they treated each other once they realized their attraction was mutual. They were kind in the face of both of their pasts and gave each other the space to make the right choices for themselves. Plus they were just hilarious, did I mention that? ;) Definitely one I'm glad to have on my shelf for rereading purposes!

Finders Keepers by Sarah Monzon
Adventure and romance on the high seas! What more could a reader ask for, right? ;) This is simply a fun story. Taking place both in history and in modern times, Ms. Monzon handles the transitions pretty well (although we always seemed to change POV right after a major cliffhanger! Humph. ;) Both storylines are pretty engrossing, but I have to say I was more invested in Summer and Trent than I was in Isabella. Although Summer and Trent's romance moves rather rapidly, so I was glad that certain parts were handled carefully, yet not swept under the rug. Also Isabella and Summer, both, have a lot to learn, and as the story progressed I thoroughly enjoyed watching as they stumbled around making mistakes, yet always willing to grow from them. I really enjoyed this and look forward to seeing what Ms. Monzon will write next.


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    1. Amy: You're so welcome! I hope to read your other book sometime soonish. :)

  2. I love your Bite-Sized Reviews. I should do things like this more often, as a lot of times I finish a book and then feel like, "Oh, man, now I have to find time to write this up, nooooooooo!"

    1. Hamlette: Thanks! It's certainly an easier way to handle reviews of some of the books that I read months ago and kind of forget particular details. And some books you just don't have lots of words for, right?


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