July 2, 2016

The Soundtrack of My Life

As I was driving this morning and listening to my current fave cd, I got to thinking. (Music tends to do this to me, make me all introspective and whatnot.) I started thinking about how there are certain songs I associate with certain times in my life. Usually, it's because I was listening to that particular one when specific things happened, mostly just coincidental, but thereafter I always remember that time in my life when I listen to those songs again. Interesting, right? Does this happen to you?

So as I pondered on that, I realized that basically I have a soundtrack for my life. Not my entire life, mind you, just several years worth, but a soundtrack for sure. For instance, whenever I hear Jason Gray's Not Right Now...

...it takes me back to this past March, when a friend passed away very unexpectedly. Then there's Meredith Andrews' Sunrise...

...which helped me wake up on my drive to work in April, plus several of the other songs on there that gave me inspiration for writing. When I listen to it again, it takes me back to when I started challenging myself to writing a different sort of poetry than I'd ever tried before. And it inspires me again. It somehow gets my creative juices flowing! :)

Then there's May, when I was saying goodbye to mom and I had just recently purchased Phil Wickham's latest which had The Secret Place on it.

This song seemed to speak my heart during that difficult month. It still does, as do the other songs on that album.

These have all been current life songs, but what about my past you ask? Well now, there's the soundtrack to Bride and Prejudice (an awesome movie, by the by!)...

...which always takes me back to when I first watched it back in 2004. But it also makes me think about the roadtrip from CA to VA in 2013, when I moved back here. We listened to this cd quite a few times on that trip. It's just roadtrip music, okay? :)

Then comes 2014, when I was still adjusting to the Big Move (yes, it took almost an entire year for my head and heart to adjust completely) and I discovered Ellie Holcomb:

Those songs immediately take me back to all the Unknowns I was feeling at that time. It also reminds me of a fabulous weekend trip to Nashville where I met Natalie Lloyd (aka Awesomest Author Ever :)! I think I listened to that cd the entire way there, all weekend long, and then the drive back home again. Clearly I could not get enough of it!

If I want to go WAY, way back, I bring out Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Fishin' in the Dark.

That will definitely take me back to my childhood days! :D

And Pharrell Williams' Happy always makes me think of nephew...

Z and I listened to this song over and over and over one night when I took him out to eat for his birthday. He always introduces great new music to me! :)

Clearly, I could keep going, but I think you get the picture. Particular songs take me to particular moments in my life when I hear them. Moments of great happiness or great sadness. Moments that I haven't forgotten, or if I do, I've only to listen to a certain song again to bring that moment immediately to mind. Music truly speaks to our hearts, doesn't it?

What songs are on your soundtrack?


  1. What a fun post! I have so many songs that evoke memories of a specific time. "When Will I See You Again" by the Three Degrees is all about the summer after my freshman year of college. "Houston" by Dean Martin is a specific week in my teen years where my dad and I had a big argument (memorable because my dad and I almost never argue -- I can only remember one other time we blew up that way). "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray is the second semester of my freshman year in college. The entire "Man from UNCLE" soundtrack is late last summer and into the fall. And on and on and on...

    1. Thank, Hamlette! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one this happens to. I'll have to check out those songs! :)


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