September 29, 2016

30 Days of Books :: Day 9

Hello my lovelies! Happy Thursday. I hope your week has been treating you well. Mine's been good! Pretty quiet, but busy nonetheless. And hey, look! I'm almost to day 10! That means it's only taken me two months to get ten days completed. Go me! (Yes. That is sarcasm.)

Anyhoo, enough chat. On to the good stuff! :)

{joining Jenni}

Day 9 :: A book you thought you wouldn't like 
but ended up loving

Sometimes books surprise us, don't they? I kept seeing this series around the blogosphere, and with such raving reviews! I learned that when people liked these books, they LOVED them. There was no 'meh' or sorta kinda about it. If you loved them, you LOVED them (yes, there is a difference). And if you didn't...well...we don't speak about those. ;)

Anyway! I finally started book one (The Thief) and while I enjoyed the story, I wasn't blown away by it. I liked book two (The Queen of Attolia) slightly better, but there was a bit too much war strategy going on for my liking at first. So when I started this book, The King of Attolia, it was with little hope that I'd love it. And I certainly didn't think that I would LOVE it! But ohmygoodness! I got sucked into the story, fell in LOVE, and the rest, as they say, is history. And as odd as this will sound, my love of this book made me love the first two much more. You'd have to read them to get what I mean, but it boils down to the fact that Megan Whalen Turner is an incredible writer! She really is. She starts out with a seemingly simple storyline in book one, but by the time you get to book three you begin to realize just exactly how intricate and detailed the plot actually is. All these little things that were insignificant in the first book, now all of a sudden become infinitely important! I don't know how else to explain it. You'll have to read them and find out.

If you do choose to read the series (there are four books so far with more coming some day. That's the other thing about this author, she takes years (literally) to write her books. But no worries! There are no huge cliffhangers here.), please just take this one small bit of advice. Hang in there! Even if books one and two aren't amazing, hang in there. Things will start to come together in amazing ways if you give them a chance! I promise.

And if you've read them, or tried, and didn't like them (as a real life friend of mine did), well that's okay. I'll be sad for a bit, but that's okay. :) What book have you read that you weren't expecting to love?


  1. I'm one of "those people" that didn't like this series. I thought it started better then got worse as it went as long. Sorry. Glad you liked it though.

    1. Jenny: No need to apologize! I know these books won't be loved by everyone, that's just how reading works. I'll simply enjoy them for you! :)

  2. I haven't read this series yet. I want to, though. I'm glad you liked it. :)

    1. Jenni: Some people LOVE them (like me) and some don't like them at all, so I'll be anxious to hear where you fall on the spectrum if you ever read them! :)

  3. I wasn't into the first book, but maybe I should try again. I love series that get better with each book.

    1. Kami: Yeah, book one wasn't that amazing to me at first. But once I saw how she took details from that book and gave them much more significance in later books, I was hooked! And I love her writing in general. :)


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