September 26, 2016

Review: The Thirteenth Chance by Amy Matayo

After being blown away by The End of the World earlier this year, I was excited to dive into another Amy Matayo novel. While this one didn't quite live up to all the FEELS of that one (I'm not sure any story could, at this point), I was still very delighted with it! After reading these two books by her, I've decided that Ms. Matayo excels at changing up her writing. Which is a compliment! Her stories all seem so distinct, and to have the ability to write completely different things is pretty amazing. It makes me excited to see where her next book will go!

The biggest thing I liked about this story was Olivia. She's all kinds of adorable with her quirky personality. Her mix of fears, confidence, doubts, insecurity, and OCD tendencies had potential to be too much for one character, but instead she comes across as endearing. (I want to be friends with Olivia! And Perry, her cat. :) She gets herself in so many embarrassing situations (without meaning to, of course!), which only made me like her more, because she always, always means well. I just don't think it's possible for anyone to meet her and not like her. Well, except for Will. But that's only because he's in denial about his attraction to her. ;)

Speaking of Will, he tends to be a bit impulsive and a lot arrogant, and of course this means he clashes with Olivia a great deal. Which I loved, because their bickering is one of my favorite parts of the book! Yet they both have baggage they need to work through, so it's not all fun and games. The fact that they support each other and help make the other a better person just adds to the genuine feel of their romance. They become a comfort for one another and provide a safe place where they can both shuck off their facades and just be their real selves. The moments they truly open up to one another are some of the sweetest. These proved to me how perfect they fit together and kept me turning pages determined to find their happy ending!

I did think some of the plot moved a tad quickly and a few conflicts were settled a little too easily, but I could overlook that due to the overall cuteness of Olivia and Will. They made me grin several times and swoon a few others! Plus all the baseball references (being the only sport that I can actually understand :) were fun. Definitely a keeper to add to your shelves, friends!

**I received a complimentary copy from the author via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

"Okay, you have yourself a deal. But I have two requirements."
My spine chills as the control I thought I had over the situation inches its way downward. This is my game. No one tells me how to play it. Not her. Not anyone.
Still, I force myself to ask, "Which are?"
"You can't try to kiss me, not once." She blows that stubborn strand of hair off her forehead again and looks at me like she wishes it would be so easy to remove me. "You might think you're cute and all, but baseball players aren't my thing. Especially not you."
With those words, I'm looking at what used to be that skyrocketing ego lying in small chunks all around my feet. I consider stepping on them myself just to watch the way they flatten. 


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