December 20, 2016

My Favorite {Hallmark} Christmas Movies

I've actually been thinking for some time that I needed to make a list of my favorite Christmas movies for y'all. I mean, as much as I gush about them this time of year, right?? :) Then I saw Rissi had done that very thing and her post gave me the push I needed to do this!

So. Favorite Christmas movies. Y'all know how much of a Christmas movie addict I am by now. Especially Hallmark's many additions! Therefore, we'll see how short (read: long) I'll keep this list, shall we? :) On to the good stuff!


{For the official record, these are in no particular order. Mainly because rating them is pretty much next to impossible for me! Instead, these are simply all the ones I try to rewatch every year.}

Image result for the nine lives of christmas1. The Nine Lives of Christmas ~ Super adorable! The leads have great chemistry and their meet cute is all kinds of awkward and sweet.

2. Crown For Christmas ~ Rupert Penry-Jones as a king of a fictional country. Need I say more??

3. Trading Christmas ~ I love both main couples, but Tom Cavanagh plays my absolute favorite character. He's so awkward and geeky and adorable!

Image result for a princess for christmas
4. The Christmas Ornament ~ The chemistry is definitely there and I love watched Kellie Martin slowly let down her walls and open up to new possibilities.

5. A Princess For Christmas ~ It's a modern fairytale, what's not to love? And Katie McGrath's Jules is this great mix of normal (which these royals definitely need in their lives!), sassy, and simply great at making everyone feel comfortable.

Image result for moonlight and mistletoe6. The Christmas Card ~ This one simply has a really sweet storyline. John Newton as Cody is such a gentleman, plus I love how he silently makes googly-eyes at Alice Evans.

7. Moonlight and Mistletoe ~ I love watching Christopher Wiehl slowly help Candace Cameron Bure to open up her heart again. Plus the father-daughter relationship depicted in this one is so very sweet.

8. A Boyfriend For Christmas ~ Because I'm a sucker for a sweet romance. Do you need any other reason?

Image result for the most wonderful time of the year movie
9. A Very Merry Mixup ~ I love how the two leads are so comfortable with each other right off the bat. They banter and have fun together and I love every minute.

10. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ~ The characters are fabulous! Henry Winkler as matchmaking Uncle Ralph has to be my fave though. Plus the little boy who plays Brooke Burns' son is too cute for words!

11. Mrs. Miracle ~ Those adorable twins! The chemistry between the leads! Doris Roberts' as Mrs. Miracle herself!

Image result for signed sealed delivered for christmas12. Call Me Mrs. Miracle ~ And we have Doris Roberts again! :) Plus another cute romance. Perfect combo!

13. A Cookie Cutter Christmas ~ I wasn't sure I would like this one at first viewing, but turns out I love it! Erin Krakow for the win.

14. Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas ~ Because it's Signed, Sealed, Delivered!! No other reason needed. That should be plenty enough.


Whew! Okay, so I probably don't get every single one of those rewatched, but I try. Also, I admit that I don't just watch them at Christmastime. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a Christmas movie in May or whenever the mood strikes! :)

As for the new ones out just this year? I haven't seen them all, but of the ones I have watched, here are my favorites so far:

Image result for a december bride hallmark
1. A Wish For Christmas ~ Lacey Chabert and Paul Greene in a movie together? Yes please!

2. A December Bride ~ Firstly it's based on one of my favorite books by Denise Hunter. Secondly it stars Daniel Lissing. And thirdly, the way Daniel looks all twitterpated at Jessica Lowndes? Be still my heart!

3. A Nutcracker Christmas ~ This one surprised me. I know the story of the nutcracker, but ballet's never really been my kind of thing. Turns out this story of an ex-ballet dancer reminded of all the reasons she loves ballet again knew just which of my heartstrings to tug!

Image result for seasons greetings uptv4. Hearts of Christmas ~ Sweet, sweet babies! Lots of sweet babies. Add in cute banter between the leads and this one struck gold with me!

5. Seasons Greetings ~ This one isn't Hallmark, it's from UPtv. I had the chance to watch and loved it immediately! It made me laugh a lot, which is always a plus. And Laura Bell Bundy seems to fit her character perfectly.


So! Are you a Christmas movie addict like I am? What are some of your favorites?


  1. Oh yeah, I love watching the Christmas movies on Hallmark but also on UP and even some on Lifetime! "A Grandpa for Christmas" was a good one that wasn't about romance which was a change from the usual Hallmark ones. I really enjoy watching these all with happy endings.

    1. Karen: Yes! A Grandpa For Christmas is a really sweet movie! I like that one too. And UP and Lifetime definitely have some cute movies as well, I just haven't seen as many of theirs. But I'm glad to know someone understands my enjoyment of happy endings and fun! :)

  2. You've covered so many of my favorites!!!! Especially SSD and A December Bride. And I forgot about The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.... I need to rewatch it this year!

    1. Courtney: Yay! I'm so happy to know you liked A December Bride too! And of course, SSD is simply wonderful, isn't it? :) I haven't gotten The Most Wonderful Time of the Year rewatched this season yet. Hopefully this weekend!

  3. Great list! Rissi has had a big hand in making me a fan of these Hallmark movies as well. I think A Nutcracker Christmas was my favourite new movie this year. I loved the chemistry between the leads and their story was really quite moving.

    1. Birdie: Thanks! And yes, Rissi is great at reminding me which ones are coming out next and which to be excited for. :) I definitely agree about A Nutcracker Christmas, the story was very moving and the chemistry was wonderful. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it too!


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