December 28, 2016

My Life According to Literature :: 2016

I discovered this Little Free Library near
my house a couple weeks ago. :)
I rather enjoyed this post when I wrote it earlier this year, so I figured it was time to bring it back. Only this time I'll use the books I read in 2016! Fun, right?? (Plus maybe it'll jumpstart my reading again. Still in a bit of a slump and I am SO ready to get out of it!)

Everyone in the blogging world is starting to post their favorites lists for 2016, so I figure mine should be coming soon as well. When I'm able to find the time to get it written, of course. Let's hope that happens sooner rather than later, yes?

Anyhoo, on with the show! :)

Describe yourself: A Grief Observed (C.S. Lewis)  {I feel like I've been outside of myself a lot this year, striving hard to be normal, yet struggling to get there. You know...whatever normal is.}

How do you feel today: Since You've Been Gone (Christa Allen)  {My heart still aches a bit when I think about mom, especially these last few days.}

Describe where you currently live: P.S. I Like You (Kasie West)

If you could go anywhere, you would go to: The Red Door Inn (Liz Johnson)  {Visit Prince Edward Island? YES please!}

Your favorite form of transportation: The Girl From the Train (Irma Joubert)  {I've never traveled very far by train, but I'd love to make a cross country trip one day!}

Your best friend is: My Hope Next Door (Tammy L. Gray)

You and your friends are: Love and Freindship (Jane Austen)

What's the weather like: Unblemished (Sara Ella)  {It's a beautiful day outside!}

You fear: The End of the World (Amy Matayo)  {Not really, but I was struggling to find a title for this one.}

What's the best advice you have to give: Adulthood is a Myth (Sarah Andersen)

Thought for the day: Dream a Little Dream (Kerstin Gier)

How would you like to die: Only Through Love (Mary Jane Hathaway)

Your soul's present condition: Bookishly Ever After (Isabel Bandeira)  {Even in my current reading slump, books still bring me happy just by existing!}


  1. I'm sorry it's been so hard this year with your mom's passing and that the holidays have made that ache worse. It does get a little bit easier, but missing your mom will be something you always do. That's what I'm found in the last 3.5 years anyway.

    I'd love to travel cross country on a train too. I think we should go together! :D

    1. Jenni: Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and understanding. When I first read your comment back when you posted it, it warmed my heart. It was just what I needed! I'm grateful.

      I'd totally be up for a cross country trip by train with you! :D

  2. I love this list-so neat! ♥

  3. I'm envying you your LFL! I wish we had one nearby, but alas, not yet. I just found out that my aunt got a kit to build one for Christmas, though, which I find highly cool! Now if only we didn't live halfway across the country from her...

    1. Hamlette: This one is the first I've ever seen in person. It gives me a little thrill every time I drive by it now, even if I don't stop! :) A kit to build one?! That is awesome! Best Christmas present idea.


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