September 6, 2017

Cover Reveal :: Cloaked by Rachel Kovaciny

Hello, my lovelies! I am so, so privileged to get to share the cover of a new book coming out very, very soon! Did you know the awesome Hamlette from Hamlette's Soliloquy and The Edge of the Precipice is a writer? Of course you did, right? :) She already has one novella published in Five Magic Spindles, it's a western retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and now she's publishing a new story!! I'm definitely excited to read it, if you can't tell. :D It's basically Little Red Riding Hood reimagined as a western. Intriguing, right?

:: About the book :: 

On the way to Wyoming Territory to visit her grandmother for the first time, sixteen-year-old Mary Rose meets a charming accountant with a sinister interest in her grandmother's ranch.

And now, let's take a look at the pretty...

Isn't it a beauty?! It definitely gives you a hint of mystery, as well as the color scheme being so very striking. I love the mix of colors and how the red cloak stands out. And the silhouette look? Ah, I just love this cover as a whole! It's certainly beautiful enough to grab my attention and would make me pick it up off the shelf. In fact, it would look delightful on my own bookshelf! ;)

This will be available as an e-book and paperback from Amazon in a few weeks, so be on the lookout! :)


  1. How cool. CONGRATS to Rachel. This story sounds unique indeed, and Kara, I 100% agree. This is one amazing cover. The red cloak stands out beautifully which I love considering its re-telling subject. :)

    1. Thanks, Rissi! I'm very in love with this cover myself :-) The first time I saw it, I almost cried at how perfectly it fits the book.

  2. Thanks so much for being part of my cover reveal, Kara <3 I'm getting so excited to see this in print form!

  3. That cover is awesome! It looks like felt.


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