September 28, 2017

Fun with Flowers | The Heart's Spring Book Tag

Hello, my lovelies! I went searching for post ideas yesterday and wouldn't you know it, the always delightful Amber has a book tag going! So of course, I was happy to join in. (Also, she's currently got a couple great deals for the series, so check them out if you haven't read them yet. :)

{The prompts are based on book titles/flower names and themes in The Heart's Spring series.}

Bellflower: Name a book with beautiful writing or a profound plot that made you immediately fall in love.


Beautiful writing? Always and forever The Q! I cannot gush enough about the delightfulness that is this story. I have reread my favorite scenes countless times and still find little phrases and whole paragraphs that simply speak to my heart. :)

Forget Me Not: Name a book you adored in your childhood and can't forget even now.


I scoured the used bookstore shelves for these books back when! And read and reread them again and again. I loved each of the club members and dreamed of starting my own club some day. Ah, the sweet memories!

Bleeding Heart: Name a book that made you cry with deep compassion for a character.


When people ask me about my favorite books, My Hands Came Away Red is always in my top five! The events feel so true to life, especially nowadays, and the characters, while flawed, are exceptionally written. My heart gets drawn in every single time I reread this story. Yes, it's really THAT good!

Fairy Slippers: Name a fantasy book or fairy tale that utterly charmed you.

The Eyes of E'veria series by Serena Chase!! I was blown away by how very much I loved book one, The Ryn, and then....I met Cazien de Pollis and oh, my heart! ;) He's a charmer, for sure. But trust me, there are SO many reasons I love this series that it would take entirely too long to tell you. Just read them!

Morning Glory: Name a book that has not yet released but you just know you'll love.


Now this one is a no-brainer! I have LOVED every single one of Katherine Reay's stories and most definitely anticipate loving this one as well. Cannot wait!!! :)


  1. Such awesome responses, Kara! Huzzah for the Eyes of E'veria series! :D And you definitely have me intrigued about The sounds really good! I love when you find a book that makes you want to reread your favorite scenes. <3

    Will be looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about The Austen Escape too! I am so behind on reading Katherine Reay's books... I've only read 2 of 5! But I think I have The Bronte Plot on my Kindle. :)

    Thank you so much for participating in the tag, and for sharing about my blog and book deals! *big hugs*


  2. What a fun tag! I think I'm going to do this too. :D


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