May 26, 2018

Review: Together Forever by Jody Hedlund

What a sweet story! I knew, after reading book one With You Always, that I wanted more time with the orphans, and how happy was I to get it. :) Marianne and Drew have quite the journey to their happy ever after and I thoroughly enjoyed all the ups and downs that came!

Starting with Marianne, it was lovely to see how she had grown since the first book. She made some bad choices then, but is now willing to prove that she's changed. And it's clear to see she has! I was wondering if she'd redeem herself for me, so I was happy to begin chapter one thoroughly invested in her journey. Watching as she fell in love with all the orphans and learned to let them go when the time came was sweet. It was easy to see why Drew was so drawn to her!

And oh my, the chemistry between the two of them! Very palpably felt every time they were close, not to mention the way they'd stare at each other. They are so irresistibly attracted and I loved the way neither of them could ever deny it! It was perfectly obvious to everyone around them. Especially little Jethro who I loved dearly from the moment he entered the scene! Such an adorable little matchmaker was he. :D

Yet it's not just the swoony romance which swept me off my feet, it's also the harsh realities that Ms. Hedlund includes. Not that I necessarily liked them, but it kept the story from feeling too sweet and romantic. Life on an orphan train back then could not have been easy at all and I appreciated all the little ways Ms. Hedlund kept my mind grounded, even while making me swoon!

By the final pages, I was happy with where things are left, yet definitely looking forward to book three. It will be interesting to find out where Sophie is and what's been going on with her, since that's one of the biggest overarching mysteries! And if it can contain little glimpses of Marianne and Drew, like this one had glimpses of Elise and Thornton, I will be a very happy reader! :)

**I received a complimentary copy via Bethany House. All opinions expressed are my own.

He was free. All he had to do was let go of the chains.

It took more courage to love in the face of loss than to close oneself off out of fear of getting hurt.

"But don't you think sometimes it takes even greater courage to accept our losses? And not just accept them, but move on and continue to live?"

"It takes a very special kind of strength to love these orphans and then to let them go."


  1. I'm glad you liked this and that it makes you excited for book #3. I'll have to look into this series. :)

  2. So glad you enjoyed this one! I didn't take advantage of the review opportunity for this one (BECAUSE TOO MANY INSPY reads!!), but I am curious to read the rest of this series. :)


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