June 26, 2019

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Forty-Five

More reviews! I told you I've been doing a lot of reading. I guess if you go eight months with very little reading for pleasure, once you get to do it again that literally becomes your life. Not a bad life either, let me just say. :) I hope all is well for my lovely reader friends!

On to the reviews then...

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 
by Gail Honeyman
So different than what I was expecting, but wow. This is an excellent read! I was pretty blown away by how very much I loved Eleanor and her quirkiness. I admit, she had to grow on me, I didn't totally love her at first. But it wasn't long until she had found her way into my heart and there she stayed until the final pages. Such a wonderfully written story about brokenness and how Eleanor claws her way out into light and life again. And Raymond? That man is just an incredible friend. Definitely planning to read this one again soon!

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
So much cute! I loved Olive. I really did. She and Ethan have fabulous chemistry right from the start. Even if that start is pretty "hate-filled". From the memories of their unfun meet cute to the natural feel of their slow build up to romance, I laughed so many times. And simply enjoyed their journey to finding the love of their lives in each other. A quirky set up to get them in the same place at the same time (Maui for the win!), I so completely adored watching these two fall in love.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
This is so quintessentially Sarah Dessen and I cannot believe it took me so long to finally read it! I love Ms. Dessen's way of writing characters who I connect with and relate to. I understood Sydney's grief and uncertainty, even if she didn't fully understand herself. Her journey to finding who she is, without constantly being in the shadow of her older brother, while simultaneously learning to stand on her own two feet...ah I just got her. I loved all the side characters too, especially the Chatham's. Another wonderfully imperfect family that I fell in love with! And Mac? Yeah, I'll just go swoon a bit over him, shall I? Such a wonderful story! :)

Interlude by Chantele Sedgwick
Characters who are dealing with grief are ones who I understand so well these days. I loved Mia and the way she chose to do all she could for her sister while she is still living, even though she knows that Maddy could very well die soon. Along her journey, a boy enters her pathway and yes, the cute inevitably follows. :) But this isn't just a story with a sweet romance, this is all about Mia figuring out her own strength. As well as proving just how amazing she is to everyone around her! I loved her journey and am definitely planning to read more of Ms. Sedgwick's stories!

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary
I went into this one expecting a cute romance, but I found so much more depth and sweetness than I expected! I mean, yes, the romance between Tiffy and Leon is super adorable, don't get me wrong. But there is much going on underneath the surface of these characters and one must be willing to see beyond the sweetness into their hearts. Hearts that are broken and uncertain and on a journey to discovering their own tenacity. I loved it! I loved Tiffy and Leon's notes and texts. And the slow build up over the course of their story. And I loved watching as their individual trajectories bring them into each other's orbit until they become so sweetly entwined in each other's lives. Very worth reading, friends!

Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey
This was fun! It wasn't perfect, but it was certainly a lot of fun to read. I enjoyed all the references to romcoms because I recognized so many of them! :D I do admit that Annie wasn't my favorite character ever, but I definitely got invested enough in her journey that I wanted her to find her happy ever after. Drew was pretty adorable! I also wasn't a fan of the way the author chose to break up the cute couple towards the end, but okay. I rolled with it and enjoyed the story overall! It certainly made me want to go on a romcom-watching-binge soon. I shall have to get on that.

Act Like It by Lucy Parker
I've had this one on my radar for quite some time, but had forgotten about it until the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog reminded me. I'm so glad I tried it! Lainie and Richard and their adventures together make for fabulous chemistry. But I loved the natural way their romance developed. They began to see beyond the initial facade each wears in public and then proceeded to fall in love. Cuteness galore! Now I am off to see if I will enjoy the rest of the books in the series...see you when I see you! ;)

The Kiss of a Stranger by Sarah M. Eden
This had just the right amount of sweetness to keep me in enthralled. Catherine and Crispin were pretty adorable together. Yet, there were times I also felt I got a little whiplash as Catherine seemed a bit inconsistent. I didn't always understand her reactions and that frustrated me. But overall I could overlook it and just enjoy the journey of these two characters finding all they could ever want in each other. A sweet and charming read.

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