June 25, 2019

Bookish Finds in Thailand

Hello, my lovelies! So yeah. I did get to visit a few bookshops while I was in Thailand. Of course I did. And it was DELIGHTFUL. Naturally. ;)

One full day back in December, I took my rented motorbike and headed out with about three or four different bookshops pinned on my google maps. It such a glorious day, traversing the city going from bookshop to bookshop. I did do a few coffeeshop breaks in between, of which I will gladly share about another time (because Chiang Mai, Thailand is THE coffeeshop city in the world. I think there are literally close to a hundred or perhaps more and no, that is not an exaggeration. Coffeeshops are everywhere. And that's delightful too. :).

The above sign was in a bookshop where they had other signs that said NO PICTURES. Humph. So I surreptitiously snapped that one and didn't stay long. Any bookshop that doesn't want to share it's goodness with the world...well...that's not a bookshop I want to patronize very badly. Anyhoo. They did have quite a large collection of used and new books. A good mix of Thai and English language books too. But I didn't find anything I had to have, so off I went to find other places.

Not the same day, but on a different day...I found these GLORIOUS Jane Austen's...and it was all I could do not to take them home with me. But alas, by this time it was getting closer to time for me to go home and I knew my luggage space was going to be fairly limited. I just about cried to leave them there. Only I couldn't cry. Because I was with friends. And they'd have thought it bizarre if I'd've cried about leaving books in a bookshop. So I snapped a photo so I wouldn't ever forget the pretty! *all the heart eyes*

(Also, those were the only ones they had. No Pride & Prejudice or Northanger Abbey to be found. Trust me. I looked.)

SO much fun to see two of my favorites in Thai! And those covers... Aren't they gorgeous?!?! *sigh* I was sad to leave those there as well...

And this, my friends....is a coffee shop. Yep. A coffee shop. It was open 24 hrs and was awesome. Filled with all sorts of books everywhere! For school, we had solitude days where we went out by ourselves and worked on assignments. This become one of my favorite spots for such a day... I happily spent hours surrounded by books and drinking my mochas! Happiness indeed. :D

It was located at the very top most floor of a mall, so the views out the windows were amazing. But it was the inside I was most concerned with. All those books...!! ;)

*happy sigh* Doesn't it look amazing?! I agree. :D It was certainly a happy spot for me.

I happened to go on a trip down to Bangkok and one day while we were walking the streets, I happened to spot this little shop. There were at least two other aisles that looked just like this. TONS of books. Alas they were all in Thai so I couldn't read a single one. But it was still fun to "get to know them" a bit! :)

ALL the pretties!! The above two photos are actually from my very first adventure out to try and find a bookshop. Thankfully a new Thai friend had pity on me and showed me this spot...since I was still a bit terrified of trying to find my way out and about all by myself. Clearly, I got braver as time went on...but this first trip was wonderful even if I did have to have a travel buddy with me. :)

Amen and amen.

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  1. Oh, how glorious! Those Jane Austens, though! Not having all the novels would make me probably be able to resist them... but only probably, heh.


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