February 10, 2020

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Fifty-Four {the Ruth Logan Herne edition}

So back a few months ago I was having a lazy Sunday afternoon. While trying to decide what book(s) I should read, I somehow ended up on a Ruth Logan Herne kick! And ended up devouring four books of hers all in one day. (Why yes, I did stay up quite late that night, why do you ask? ;) To be fair, most of them are stories on the fairly short side. So that's how such a feat was possible.

Anyhoo! Ms. Herne is definitely an author worth reading and, having met her in real life, I can add that she's just an awesome person all the way around! :) So you should definitely check her books out if you haven't read anything by her before now...

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At Home in Wishing Bridge
You'll probably think I'm crazy for starting a series with book two, but something about the synopsis for this one convinced me to pick it up first. And it was oh so delightful! I loved all the characters and goings on in this little town. And I, especially, LOVED the friendships at the core of the series. Thea, Kelsey, and Jazz have such a wonderfully solid reliance upon one another, where they can bolster the others in one conversation and speak hard truths in another. Their friendship feels real and true, which gives a firm foundation for the rest of the cast of characters circling around them. And Thea and Ethan? Oh my heart, they are so good for each other! Only it takes a bit for them to truly realize this. Which makes for a fun journey! And now I'm all excited for Jazz's story next. Cannot wait! :)

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Her Secret Daughter
Ah the complications that begin this little story! They are difficult and uncertain, and significant enough to have a huge impact on everyone involved. And beautifully set up the adorable romance that kept me turning the pages. Josie and Jacob are super sweet together, add in the cuteness that is Addie and we have the makings of a complicated, adorable mess of emotion. Watching Josie deal with her conflicted emotions and attempt to do the right thing at every new turn was heartbreaking, yet hopefilled. I think that's what I loved best about this romance, the hope that permeates their interactions. (Plus the chemistry between them. ;) This story made me smile a lot and that's precisely what I liked about it.

Yuletide Hearts & Mended Hearts
Two stories in one! And what fun stories they are. A redeemed bad boy who makes a tomboy swoon (Matt and Callie) was my fave romance between the two. But don't get me wrong! Jeff and Hannah are super adorable too! Both of these guys are pretty much goners from their first meetings with their respective ladies and watching as they swept each lady off her feet was just...ah, there are no words. I wanted adorable romance and I got precisely that! Plus a little character growth, which was the icing on the proverbial cake. :)

48666573. sy475
Christmas at Star Inn 
by Margaret Brownley, Mary Connealy, and Ruth Logan Herne
So I picked this one because of Ms. Herne, but thoroughly enjoyed all the stories found therein! The Star Inn features prominently, of course, and it was fun to see how each couple ended up there and what staying at the inn did for them. Sweet romances, strong character growth, and simply loads of fun makes this anthology a wonderful addition to my Christmastime reading!

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