October 15, 2022


 Hello my lovelies,

If anyone is actually even still following along with this space. I've missed this blogging thing at times, at a lot of others, I haven't. Life has been such a journey in recent years and it culminated in my being unable to feel enthusiastic for blogging. And I don't know that's really changed. But today I felt inspired. And hopeful. So here I am. For the moment. 

My book reading habits have severely changed the past few years. Grief of losing both my mom and dad in the last 6 years, living overseas for 8 months, and processing through where God is leading and guiding...My life looks a lot different than when I first started this blog how many, many years ago! I'm still writing/journaling though. Still writing some poetry. So many this'll show up occasionally here, maybe not. I don't really know.

I guess this is all just to say hello. I hope anyone who ever followed along here enjoyed their time. I have been SO grateful for the friends I found through this adventure! I hope you're doing well, at least mostly. :) I hope life is giving you small moments and pockets of joy alongside all the crazy chaos that seems to happen a lot. And I hope beauty and wonder give you glimpses of hope!

til next time (I hope)

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