October 15, 2022

:: seeing ::

Sometimes a moment
a sparkle of light
a colorful window of joy
is all it takes to spark a whisper of delight inside my soul.
I smile as the sunshine breathes 
Happy and Welcome!
My brain is full of information...
the darkness and sadness of the world tugs at my heartstrings
the broken and weeping world just outside this door...
But also?
Just outside this door
this window
there is Wonder
and Awe
in the tiniest blooms of pink and purple
I see the imagination of my Father there...
I look across the street and...
there's a yellow door almost hidden in the bushes on either side
a blue house
a yellow door
the green of the bushes
the pink and purple blooms
Then I catch the barest glimpse of a father carrying his son
they slip down the alleyway just down from "my" door
a split second of time I see them
but just that merest moment...
breathes renewal to my eyes
There is such evil, yes
such awful, heartbrokenness
things on HE can handle and fix
and yet...
and yet...
and yet...
slowly He opens my eyes
to witness
to glory in
to breathe hope in my soul
there is yet Truth
and Beauty
and Joy
in the tiniest
quickest of moments
Never discount
the power of Beauty
of Home
of Wonder 
to breathe HIS glory
to prove HIS existence
even in moments I don't understand
HE is still and always
moving, working, changing, renewing
This world is singing His praise
and when He opens my eyes to See...
so am I

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