February 8, 2013


So I saw this little meme over on another blog and decided to try it. Yes, I do realize that it says Thursday on the picture, and my post won't go up until Friday, but the blog stated you could answer them anytime. So there!


btt button This is today's question:

Do other people influence what you choose to read? When a family member recommends something, or a friend says they hated a book you were planning to read … does it affect your reading choices?

Yes, I'd have to say yes.


Last fall my cousin told me about Jayber Crow and said it was a great read and I should check it out. So I did. I didn't go out and read it as soon as he told me about it, but it did go on my radar until I was ready for it. Other friends have recommended books to me, and if they're really enthused, I usually do try the book at some point.

Also, I review books on this here blog of mine. And I had been reading loads of reviews long before I decided to add my two cents. So it's pretty safe to say that what other people think will affect my view of a book.


This isn't necessarily true of every single book I've read. There have been moments when I'll read a bad review but decide to try the book anyway. And there have been moments when a book comes really highly recommended but I never do read it. Or perhaps I should say I haven't ever read it yet, but I have no plans to either.

So really, what it boils down to is that it just all depends. Mostly on my own fickleness.

Take for instance, Cinder. All the excellent buzz about that book most definitely convinced me to try it. (And I was so glad I did!) On the other hand, there have been many, many positive reviews on If I Stay, but I just can't get enthused about reading it for myself (Please don't hate me!) (I will admit to flipping through it at the store). And there's no certain reason for that, other than just me being fickle.

What about you? What influences you to read a book or not read one as the case may be?

Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. Sadly this is a no for me because no one else in my family really reads - other than my dad but he likes these epic historical sagas and I don't - so yeah... I mostly take recommendations from friends but not from family

    1. I totally understand! Epic historical sagas don't usually interest me either. And my dad can't recommend anything to me because he reads stuff like Tom Clancy and that's definitely not my cup of tea. :D


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