February 23, 2013

Little Letters Second Edition

Dear Almond Blossoms, you're late! Friends visited last weekend hoping to see you, and you hadn't arrived yet. What are you thinking? Don't you know how much we all look forward to you each year? (Well, except for the allergy-prone.) We need your cheerfulness to brighten our days and encourage spring to come! Get on that, won't you?

Dear Scarf, you were one of the best purchases I made last fall. I've had so much fun wearing you this winter! But I'm ready for wintertime to be over and spring to arrive. Your delightfulness is lovely, but I want to stop freezing on my way to work in the mornings. I'm ready to wear sandals again!

Dear Lizzie Bennet Diaries, how is it possible that you get cuter each week? Even with all the drama, I can't stay away. I'm sad that you're pretty much on the final arc but I can't wait to see how you finish! So I'm a conundrum of emotions. Keep being awesome! And don't mind me over here in the corner trying to blink away the water drops from my eyes. I'm not crying! My eyes are just watering. It's allergies I tell you! Allergies!

Dear Downton Abbey, you like putting us through the ringer, don't you? And yet I still come back every single time. I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment. You're simply too addicting for my peace of mind. I do enjoy your stories all the same. Thanks for the laughter and the TEARS. But just so you know, that was a horrid way to end the season.

Dear Ben and Leslie, you beautiful tropical fish. Every time I think you can't possibly get more adorable and perfect for each other, you go and prove me wrong.

Dear Rainbow Rowell, you had me at "All you can really do is read to them and read around them, and hope that reading is like chicken pox, that they’ll eventually succumb to it with enough exposure."

Dear Kindle, I love you. Truly. But not enough to give up on print books. I SHALL NOT BE OVERTAKEN!!! (But seriously, you make traveling with hundreds of books really handy.)

Dear Tea Class, do you have to be over so soon? We've only just begun! I'm not ready to say good-bye. *big sigh* The history of the English's love of tea is quite fascinating though. I could have listened very happily for another hour or two. Our teacher was wonderful, his memory of stories and facts is amazing; when can I take the class again?

Dear Benton, you are an inspiring young gentleman! Your faith and love and especially your persistence, are such an encouragement to me. For a seven year old, you are wise beyond your years. This cancer will not own you, your heart and soul are God's. Know that I think of and pray for you often. Your stories this week bring tears to my eyes and I feel so humbled by your courage. God is good, no matter what the future may hold.

Dear Weekend, I'm so glad you are here! My emotions have been up and down during this busy week. I'm ready for a relaxing time at home. And my little cousin's birthday party. Yay for family! :D

**Dreaming Under the Same Moon
**The Freckled Fox

Toodle-loo kangaroos! What's your week been like?


  1. I love a good, colorful, warm scarf. There is something so comforting about it wrapped securely around one's neck.

    I saw a few ep's of LBD and thought it was so funny/cute---I really should spend some time catching up but I think there is like a bajillion of them and it's too daunting :)

    Completely agree about Downton. Not sure how I will like it going forward though *glimmer of optimism stubbornly trying to poke through despite doubts* :)

    A tea class sounds very interesting, indeed. Yum :)

    1. The LBD does have a lot of videos so I can totally see the daunting picture they make. But when you do have some time (because we're not busy or anything, right? ;), check it out if you can. It really is adorable.

      YES! I have my own glimmer of optimism that just won't go away. I've heard that some people were so upset that they are refusing to watch next season. While that seems logical in theory maybe, I just know I'm going to give in and watch it again. It's simply too fun (and addicting!), even with all the drama.

      I learned more about tea than I ever thought I would, but it really was fun! We had a wonderful teacher who was passionate about tea. I've decided that true enthusiasm for the subject will make a teacher so much more interesting to listen to. :)

  2. *hugs* Loved all your letters! I wish winter would stick around a little more around here, though

    1. Thanks Alex! Your comments always make me smile. :D And I'll gladly let you have all the winter you want so long spring can come to my city. I like the cold for about a month or so, but now I am so ready for spring to arrive. Of course it does help that spring is my favorite season! :)

  3. Yay! A second edition. They are addicting in their own kind of way, Kara. :)

    Despite the tears, I am "at peace" with 'Downton's' twists and deaths. May miss the first character who died more than the second though it's for unexplainable reasons. :) Cannot wait for what's ahead in series four.

    Scarves are fun. It's just been in the last year and a half or so that I've really started wearing them in earnest. They add a nice burst of color. Especially if your jacket (like mine) is a neutral color. :)

    1. Addicting. Yes, that's an excellent term for it, Rissi! :D It's weirdly soothing or something, I think.

      As for Downton, I'm okay with it now. But even knowing it was coming, that ending was just ugh! My qualms come from wishing that hadn't been the very last scene that we watched. But I'm past all the the drama now (promise!), and definitely looking forward to what series four will bring. I confess a (HUGE) soft spot for Mary and it will certainly be interesting where they take her next series. So I'll be watching, another YEAR from now. :)

      Scarves do add a burst of color. Especially if it's yellow like mine. Can you tell yet, that I'm especially fond of yellow? :P

    2. I've always been fond of Mary despite her prickly ways. Love that she has Edith's current beau pegged (not his marriage but the reason for his "convenient" trip to Scotland same time they are visiting) and how she's changed. Just the other day, I read that Fellowes tried to get Dan Stevens to stay for the first episode of S4 so S3 could end happily (he'd die in the first ep.) but he refused. Badly done, Dan. Anyway, I thought that was an interesting bit of trivia.

      On reflection, as sad as it was, it'd have been more implausible to separate Matthew and Mary through divorce or estrangement or anything really.

    3. Aaww, really? Dan could have made series 3 end happily but chose not to stay? That is disappointing. I really could have gotten behind that a little quicker than what actually happened. Ah well, such is the life of us drama watchers, eh? :P Personally I'm really glad not to be a director or someone in charge of actors/actresses. On a lengthy show like this one, it has to be difficult keeping everything together and the actors all satisfied and the audience happy!

      You're totally right, I'd rather their separation come from death than any other possibility. They had come so far in their relationship that going for something like divorce or estrangement would not have made any true sense at all. So in that sense I am glad they went with the death option. And I did appreciate that he died on a really high note, i.e. everyone eulogizing him and that he got to meet his son. It would have been way worse if he hadn't gotten to meet his baby!


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