February 10, 2013

Review: Picture Perfect by Janice Thompson

Picture Perfect (Weddings by Design, #1)
Picture Perfect (Weddings by Design #1)

About the Book:

Feisty wedding photographer Hannah McDermott has dealt with her share of difficult brides. But none can compare to the ultimate Bridezilla she's dealing with now. Still, she's trying desperately to impress Bella Neeley, Galveston Island's most sought-after wedding planner, so she can take the top spot in Bella's list of recommended photographers--a spot currently occupied by her arch-rival, Drew Kincaid. What she doesn't count on, however, is falling head over heels for the competition. 

My Thoughts:

It was soooo good to get back to Galveston again! I loved the Weddings by Bella series, and it was wonderful to pick back up in Bella's life a few years down the road. Of course, we only see Bella's quirky clan from Hannah's perspective, but Hannah spends a great deal of time with Bella as they are working together. And since she befriends Bella, that means she instantly befriends the rest of the crazy crew, including the Splendora Sisters. Most all of the characters we loved from the first series make a visit or two here and there and it was terrific to see them again. I had forgotten how much Ms. Thompson's writing makes me laugh. Hannah's thoughts are just as funny as Bella's were! She is so relatable because who doesn't think one thing in their head but (realizing that it may not the best thing to say aloud) actually says something more appropriate? (And when those reactions include instant attraction to a certain competitor.....well.) She also starts out in a place of focusing a lot on herself and her perceived "problems", but with some time and great advice from her friends, Hannah learns to trust God more fully with herself and her life. And then there's Drew. I didn't think any other male could hold a candle to DJ's swooniness, but I was wrong. Drew's a keeper! He's a genuinely nice guy who just happens to be pretty attractive and quite fascinated with Hannah. But he also has to have lots of patience with Hannah, because as I said, she does have some things to work out. He's a patient guy though and he doesn't give up easily. That's another thing I really enjoy about Ms. Thompson's books, the hero is always worthy of being called a hero by simply being a nice, stable guy who will do what it takes to win over the girl. And it doesn't take much, believe me! ;) Also, Hannah is Irish, so there are lots of great quotes her grandpa Aengus used to say, along with several unique stories of the McDermott clan from her father.

There aren't any major surprises here, but just the loveliness of being back in the world of Galveston and all the enjoyable people who live there. You're guaranteed to laugh a lot and sigh over the fluffy and sweet romance and simply have an awesome time! This one is going on my shelf and staying there while I impatiently wait for book two. And if you haven't read Bella's series, then what on earth are you waiting for? This story can be enjoyed even if you haven't read the others, but there will be some inside jokes you won't notice that the rest of us did. Regardless, read it, read it, read it! :)

A Favorite Passage:
"Long, but my appointment with Bella went all right. I think everything's going to turn out okay with Sierra's wedding. I hope so anyway."
"Glad to hear it. You know what your grandpa Aengus would say right now, don't you, Shutter Speed?"
Um, no. but I have a feeling you're about to tell me.
"As you slide down the banisters of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way." My dad grinned and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Remember, darlin', some banisters are slipperier than others. Just hang on for the ride, even if you do come in contact with a few splinters."


Why yes, I did get a signed copy from the author. Why do you ask? :)

Toodle-loo kangaroos! And remember "give a man a match and he'll be warm for a minute, but set him on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." ~via grandpa Aengus :D


  1. I think I remember hearing of Weddings by Bella before, but I didn't know it was a series!
    Thanks for the rec, I think I'll try to read it :D

    1. It's a great fluffy, feel good story. :) There are so many places I had to laugh and since I was reading late at night, I had to be quiet so as not to disturb my roommate. Ah the trials of reading a good book! :D


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