June 22, 2013

A Way With Words

Typewriter 3
"Oh, I have had so much to say to you [a friend] and now there is a kind of wall made of the paper and the pen and the scratchy noise of the two; a wall between my thoughts and wishes and their expression." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Ms. Lindbergh really did have a way with words. A beautiful way of describing something. The lovely Whimsey Keith had this quote on her blog the other day and it really struck me. "...a wall between my thoughts and wishes and their expression." I love that!

So often that really is true of me. The fact is, I do have lots of thoughts. I have lots of ideas. But when it comes down to actually typing/writing them out? HA! Doesn't happen quite so easily as I imagined it.

This is true of me in real life also! Much of the time when I'm talking with someone, my mind is full of things to say. But getting them from my head to my mouth and out for hearing? Difficult! So I stumble around and sound like an idiot, or I say nothing and sound like an idiot. Either way, it doesn't work well in my favor. (I can hear you thinking that for someone who gets quite verbose in my posts, how is possible that I can't find things to say. Well. In writing, I can get my thoughts out when they come and then read over them and change things and reword things, etc. So what you get has been gone over many times! When talking, you have to respond right now. There's no time for rewording or proofreading. And I don't think fast on my feet. Just a simple fact. But true.)

Just Be
"...it never occurred to me before when people said to me, 'Live from day to day--just live from day to day,' that the important thing about doing that was not just that you worried less but that you lived more richly. If you let yourself be absorbed completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh
And another one! Just a reminder to live life richly! Live like you mean it. Enjoy the moments as they come because they'll never come again. A friend of mine's husband died this week. He was an old man and had lived life fully. He could tell me story after story of all that they had experienced in life. And I would sit there completely entranced and very entertained. (They've lived amazing lives!)

Point is, life is short. Eat dessert first. Take a walk.  Spend time with friends. Read a good book. Laugh. Hug. Smell the roses. LIVE!


  1. They should seriously think about putting 'like' buttons on blogs. Goodness, Kara. So far, in every post of yours I've read I am able to relate to something ( I know, I've said quite often - I'll try to say it less but I just can't get over it. ) So true. A lot of times in conversations, we just don't know how to fully articulate and express our thoughts. Which gets me thinking about something I heard someone say once : At times, there is the feeling that another person lives inside of us. Someone that some people around us seldom get to see. And in the same vein, I would think that it's because for some of us, it's really hard to fully express our ideas and feelings at times. (I hope this is making sense...) Which is one of the reason why I SO enjoy writing. Don't remember who said this : Our thoughts get untangled when they go through our fingers. Prayers, thoughts, random ideas - writing them helps a lot, in my opinion.

    Thank you for sharing, Kara! :) And thank you as always for the reminder to live richly.

    1. Our thoughts ARE untangled, I believe...

      And happy blogoversary 71 days in advance, Kara! :)

    2. Thank you, Ganise! I have loved every comment you've made here and feel blessed that I've encouraged you in some small way. :)

      I LOVE what you said! The thought about another person living inside us feels so true. That's a great way to describe it! It is hard to articulate my thoughts sometimes. I tend to end up using 50 words to try to explain myself and still have difficulty getting my point across. When I can write it out, my thoughts do get untangled that way. (I really, really love that sentence btw. Our thoughts get untangled when they go through our fingers.) I can read over it and sometimes even have someone else read over it for me and find little things to add or take away. And finally what's left is what I'm trying to say, but much better than the original. I just can't do the same thing when I'm talking and my words tend to tangle all together. Writing has become a very good friend of mine. As has a dictionary and thesaurus! :)

      And thank you for the early cheers! I can't hardly believe I've been blogging for almost a whole year already. My little corner of the internet has been so much fun. Plus it's given me the chance to "meet" you, for which I am extremely grateful! So thank you for all your thoughtfulness and kindness. You've been like a breath of fresh air! :)

    3. Thank you, Kara! Encourages me to start my own blog... :) Thanks for taking the time to reply. So if you like writing so much... do you keep a diary? And dare I hope that some day... ahem.. you'll publish a book?

      And isn't that sentence just grand? I read it about three years ago, I think and I still remember my reaction after reading it. I could picture what the person wanted to say. (I believe I read that sentence in The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren - you heard of it?) I'm glad it resonates with you and I appreciate you right back, friend. A LOT, trust me. And I was thinking YOU'VE been like a breath of fresh air. :)

      Thank you for being you, Kara.

    4. I do not keep a diary unfortunately. I've often thought it would be fun and I wish I had started when I was young. Alas it's never happened. My writing is kind of sporadic actually.

      As for a book? It's funny you should mention that because a friend of mine just told me the other day that she thought I should seriously consider it! She said that she wanted to encourage that idea if I'd ever even thought about it. I do admit to dreaming about it. I've even got a few (very small) snippets written of different things. But I haven't actually ever attempted to write seriously and stick with it. But who knows what the future holds? I'm not saying no to the idea, that's for sure! :)

      I have heard of that book! I thought I'd read it all, but I must have skipped that sentence because surely I'd remember it. I'll have to read it again (a good idea regardless) and see if I notice it this time. :D

      And truly, Ganise, your comments always inspire me! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!!! Oh goodness, if you are able to identify with these two quotes, I do believe you would identify with just about the entire volume! I found it very cheap on Amazon... ;-D

    And thank you for saying "Eat dessert first..." I know this sounds funny, but many of the people I am around are so paranoid about what they eat! So that was very refreshing... :)

    Come to think of it, I may need to write a blog post about that...Hmmm...Anyway, thank you for the wonderful post!

    P.S. I can't wait for Hamlette's LOTR blog party! Can you?!?!

    1. You are so welcome, Rebecca! I'm so happy that you brought these quotes to my attention. :) And I'll have to see about getting a copy of that book. You definitely intrigued me with all the wonderful quotes you shared.

      Anytime you need some encouragement to enjoy dessert, you know where to find me! I love to enjoy good food. And dessert is wonderful, especially if it's chocolate. ;)

      I'd definitely read that post! Actually, who am I kidding? I'd read anything you wrote. I so appreciate all you've shared on your blog. You've certainly inspired me in lots of ways. So thank you!

      Yes! I think it will be tons of fun! I've loved the movies and always thought it would be awesome to read the books someday. Hamlette is a great motivator! :)

  3. My word. This is SO me, Kara. In my thoughts, I have everything I want to say or how to encourage and then... it's like nothing translates when it comes time to actually verbalize it. That's part of the reason I love writing so much although lately the blog posts I've had swirling around never seem to get typed out. I'd love to write more posts like this (about life, issues, etc.) but those ideas never get expressed. Ah, well. Maybe I'll try to do so yet this afternoon and then... we'll go from there.

    Until then... YES! We need to remember to live life. To enjoy simple things.

    1. I'm glad you can relate, Rissi. And that I'm not the only one who deals with this. That's comforting! :)

      Getting thoughts verbalized, whether through talking or writing, can be a chore sometimes. A lot of times! Even when it comes to blogging I can struggle the same as you. I'll start writing something and then get so frustrated and say forget it. Sigh. But then the moments come where I am able to make sense and write a pretty decent post and that helps. But I sure wish that happened a lot more often!

      I hope you were able to get something written satisfactorily this afternoon. If not, then I hope you'll be able to soon! I have faith that it'll happen. I always enjoy whatever you post. :)


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