June 11, 2013

ABC's {or Where I Prattle About Me For 26 Letters}


I got this idea from Natalie and thought I'd try it myself! Cause I know y'all are just dying to know more about me, right? ;)

Ambition: Use old words like "persnickety and gobbledygook and lollygag" more often in everyday conversation.

Bad Habit: staying up too late {Night owls unite!}

Celebrity Crushes: Richard Armitage

Drink: Tea or Dr. Pepper {I cannot choose just one!}

Education: A good thing to have! {Yes, I do have one.}

Food: Anything I'm craving at the moment. Right now I'd love a fresh, gooey, and warm chocolate chip cookie or five. :D

Guilty Pleasure: Lindor Truffles, although I don't usually feel guilty about it. I just limit how often I buy them as they aren't very cheap. But SO yummy!

Hometown: A little town in southwest Virginia.

Ice Cream: Either cookies and cream or coffee flavored. {Mmmmmm.}

Jonesing For: The next books from Diana Peterfreund {October can't come soon enough!} and Megan Whalen Turner {Who knows when? But I can't wait!}

Kryptonite: Book sales. Whether in real life or online, my pocketbook probably sighs when it sees me coming. :D {What? Your purse doesn't talk to you?}

Look-a-like: I'm often told I look like my beloved Granny. Still miss her dearly. She was amazing!

Movie: North and South with Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe

Nickname: You seriously think I'm going to share that with the whole wide world? That's for privileged folks only! 

Obsessions: Books, reading, love stories, gerber daisies, the color yellow, walks in the rain, British period dramas, Jane Austen, quotes that make me happy, music, my family.....

Perfume: Angel by Thierry Mugler 

Quirk: Off the top of my head? Tapping out words on my fingers like I'm typing on a pretend keyboard, usually while talking to myself. {That's two! And yes, I'm weird.}

Regret: I prefer not to dwell on them actually. Thanks anyway.

Starbucks: Definitely tea. Flavor? Depends on the day.

The Last Book You Read: Glass Girl by Laura Anderson Kurk {I'm not actually finished yet. But so far it's fabulous!}

Unique Feature: The ring finger and middle finger on my left hand do not touch at the top when my hand is flat. The middle finger is actually a little crooked.

Vacation: One of my favorite memories of a vacation is when my parents and I went to the Chincoteague Pony Swim. Located by Virginia, it's a two day event filled with horses swimming and just generally being pretty awesome. And I loved every single minute of it!

Wine: Not a fan actually. 

X: I'm guessing this is a free space, but I've no idea what else I can tell you. So you tell me what book your currently reading or perhaps what song are you listening to on repeat right now?

Years: Where on earth do they go so fast? 

Zen: Books make me happy. Whether in a store, a library, or just at home, being surrounded by books is calming and my happy place!

**Hoping to have a review or two coming in the next few days. Just fyi. :)


  1. So fun! Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself! :) Great to learn more about you!

    ~ Yes! Night owls unite!! ;)

    ~ Richard Armitage in North & South... *blissful sigh*

    ~ Still have to read the first book by Diana Peterfreund! Started the first chapter, I think, and I think it will be interesting! Just kind of got put on the back burner, through no fault of its own. :P

    ~ Looking forward to reading Glass Girl sometime, too!

    ~ Just finished re-reading Recalled... Oh goodness, I love that book!! Made me cry the second time around, too! I signed up to participate in the cover reveal for the second book at the end of the month, and it should be releasing in July! *crossing fingers* (Recalled is a YA book with a few swear words, but it's generally clean and really an intriguing, unique, sweet, powerful read!)

    ~ Oh, the time! It is flying by too fast!

    ~ Books make me happy, too. :) In fact, I'm seeing some sales on Kindle that are going to be hard to resist...


    1. Thanks, Amber! It was a fun post to write. :)

      Richard Armitage deserves lots and lots of blissful sighs for that mini-series! Yes, yes he does. *blissful sigh of my own*

      I know how books get piled up and moved all around. Even when you think you're going to read this certain one next, that can change in an instant!

      I'll have to look that one up. Haven't heard of it. Sounds pretty good though, if it made you cry. Well, so long as it has a happy ending?

      Yay for book-lovers! :D

  2. I sometimes play my imaginary piano while singing in church. Haven't done the imaginary typewriter thing though.

    Right now, I'd say I'm obsessed with blogging--it calls to me.

    Just finished reading THE BLOOD OF LAMBS by Kamal Saleem about a transformed terrorist--very interesting!!! Now I'm reading SWEET MERCY by Ann Tatlock.

    1. Hi Karen! Imaginary piano is kind of the same idea, so I'm not alone then. That's good to know. :)

      Oooo, a transformed terrorist? It does sound interesting! I'll have to look up your review. And I've seen Ann Tatlock's book around, but haven't read it. I hope you're enjoying it. Thanks for the recs!

  3. ...and again Kara has a way fun blog post!

    Gotta' love night owls; I am SO NOT a morning person. My dad is and we both do not understand the other - but then he gets a pass because he has to be up really early.

    Love books. Who could live without them!? ;)

    1. Aw, thanks Rissi! :D

      My dad and I are the same actually. He's always teasing me about ending up just like him! ;) I admire those that love to get up early though. I always think I should try to get in that habit, but alas. My bed always feels too nice every morning!

      Absolutely! The world is a much better place with lots and lots of books.

  4. This made me happy!! So good, Kara. I could relate on some levels! And I really like that you have a sense of humour. :D

    Okay so let's see.

    I am a morning person! I know, start gasping people. I actually really like it - the calm, the quietness.
    Education : Ha! Never doubted that you have one! You write good reviews. :) In fact, I'm planning to check out the one about Glass Girl.
    Food: warm chocolate chip cookies - high five! (Pun intended).
    Ice cream : Cookies and cream for me too.

    Not a fine of wine or regrets either! And I've been told I like look my Granny too. :)

    Your quirk made me smile! And yes, bookworms united!

    Thank you for sharing, Kara. :)

    1. Ganise, you always know what to say to make me smile! Thank you so much for coming by. You are definitely appreciated, dear friend! :)

      I really do admire those who are morning people. I always think I should try to make myself be one, but I never seem to get the willpower to make it happen. :/ So, you enjoy your mornings and I'll enjoy my nights and we'll both be happy! :D

      My reviews feel so much like a work in progress, so I'm happy you like them! And Glass Girl is fabulous.

      Food is always good, right? Mmmm, I'm making myself hungry just thinking about all those yummy things!

      I'd say we have so much in common that there's no way we aren't kindred spirits. Or sisters in heart! Yes, that's it. We're sisters, not by blood, but by love of good books, good food, and good families. :)

  5. I like this idea! And my middle finger is crooked too, I guess. Never noticed that before. Thanks, Kara....;)

    1. Oh no, Kellie! This wasn't supposed to do that!! Eeps. ;D I've just always thought my left hand was rebelling or something. I guess it just wanted to be different maybe? ;)

  6. Such a fun post!! I enjoyed getting to know you more! :)

    I feel more and more horrible every day about the fact that I *didn't* like North and South. :S I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time with all that cotton flying around. ;)

    I'm hoping to finish Glass Girl today. It's such a beautiful book so far. (I pulled your review up in my tabs, but I'm not reading it until I finish the book). I'm thinking I'll have to buy the next one pretty quick!

    It sounds like we share a love of chocolate! It's a sad day for me when I can't find at least a tiny bit to munch on. ;)

    1. Thank you, Bluerose. It was fun trying to answer all of these. I wasn't sure if anyway would even like it or not. Happy you did! :)

      Don't worry! I have a few good friends who don't really like it either. I can understand where it wouldn't be for everyone. It can get kind of gritty in places, and all the union stuff can turn people off too.

      I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on Glass Girl! It's so fun to see what others think, what they liked and disliked. And what they may have noticed that I didn't. And yes! That sequel is going to be mine soon! ;D

      Chocolate lovers for the win!


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