July 1, 2013

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Three

It's time for more bite-sized reviews! Thanks to Amber for the idea, I believe this might end up being the way I post my mini-reviews for a while. I think it's such fun. And I suppose I'm hoping you feel the same way?

You probably know the usual drill by now, but I'll repeat it. I will give a mini-review of each book and then rate it based on a snack item that seems to fit the way I felt about the story. So either I'll turn you away or make you hungry, right? :D

Fireworks by Elizabeth White
This is actually a re-read for me. But I thought it was the perfect time for it on account of the 4th of July coming up. :) Quinn is a "pyrotechnics genius" and Susanna is out to prove that he's scamming the insurance company. Needless to say, they clash a little but it doesn't take long until they've formed a friendship. And attraction follows soon after! I especially liked all the southern charms and accents. A fun little addition to the story. I also really like Ms. White's style of writing. A great balance between a cute and sweet romance, a little suspense and mystery, and fun characters. This was her debut and I think it still holds up well. Susannah and Quinn have nice chemistry and their story always makes me smile. :)

Rating: Nachos (yummy and hard to stop eating, with a little bit of a kick)

Yellowstone Memories: Four-in-One Collection
Yellowstone Memories by Jennifer Rogers Spinola
This is four short stories in one volume, each set in Yellowstone National Park. Of course, a couple of the stories take place before the park was created. These look like your typical romance novellas, but they don't all get a happily ever after. What they do get is a good ending worthy of the story being told! As someone who likes my happily ever afters, I was slightly disappointed at first. But once I read them again (leaving out my expectation for romantic endings), I enjoyed them better. Ms. Spinola knows how to write a good story! I liked all of them, but I think my favorite is Kamikaze. I do admit that I enjoyed her Southern Fried Sushi series much better, but for times I need a quick read, this book will do very nicely.

Rating: Trail Mix (good anytime, eaten in small handfuls or in one fell swoop)

Guard Duty (Texas K-9 Unit, #3)
Guard Duty by Sharon Dunn
These small books are good for a quick and happy read. A charming romance with some suspense and it all ends with a happily ever after! Ms. Dunn has done her research on K-9 police officers and their dogs. I really enjoyed getting to know Valerie and her partner Lexi. Lexi is an amazing animal! What dogs can be trained to do fascinates me and I loved getting a small peek into the lives of the people who handle them. Valerie and Lexi were a team, they worked incredibly well together and I liked reading about how they understood each other. The romance is sweet, but I confess I enjoyed this story more for the partnership of dog and handler.

Rating: Pineapple (sweet and tangy)

Girl at Sea
Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson
Ms. Johnson pulled me into her story and kept me hooked! I wasn't entirely sure what to expect about this oddball group of people stuck on a boat together. But it was fun! Clio makes some big mistakes and big assumptions; she has a whole lot to learn about herself and her father. But to be fair, I couldn't really blame her for feeling the way she did. She should have been told what was really going on long before she was. Elsa's entertaining though, as is Aiden, and this trip is quite an adventure! I mean, they're in the Mediterranean Sea stuck on a yacht, not exactly a miserable time. Add in treasure-hunting, scuba-diving, denial of obvious romantic feelings, not to mention father-daughter learning how to like each other again, and you end up with a lively experience. It's not perfect, but a nice way to spend a few hours!

Rating: Yogurt Parfaits (the deeper you dig, the more surprises you find)


  1. GUARD DUTY sounds like one my husband would like--recommended it to him.

    1. I hope he enjoys! I found it very interesting myself. Thanks Karen! :)

  2. Fun! I haven't read Elizabeth White for awhile...another one on the TBR pile. :) Also, the Anne and Gilbert photo over at the bottom-right...so sweet. :)

    1. Hi Melissa! I love Elzabeth White's stories. I always seem to connect well with her characters. Plus they're just so much fun. :) And isn't that the cutest picture of Anne and Gil? I love it too.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it very much. :D

  3. LOVE 'Fireworks.' Wish I'd taken your idea and reread it this week (perfect timing), however... I don't really have time given all the whining I've done about my other books to be read. ;)

    1. Oh, I understand, Rissi! ;) I had fun reading it again, it had been quite a while. Elizabeth White's stories are always so fun! I have enjoyed just about every single one.

    2. She hasn't written anything in an age now but I still have to play "catch up" of several of her books. Looking forward to that! :)

    3. If I don't catch the book soon after it's published, playing catch up can be quite interesting! But still fun. :) And I sure wish she'd write something new. I so enjoy her books.


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