July 6, 2013

It's Not My Fault!

So yeah. I went book shopping today. I came home with these lovelies. But I didn't mean to! It's not my fault I couldn't resist buying them! (Thank goodness for coupons. My pocketbook is so appreciative of coupons.)

Not my fault at all.


Absolutely not.

It's all because of Ganise and Rissi and Rel and Amber and........well. You get the picture, right? It's not my fault I tell you! Those awesome ladies are simply too great at writing reviews and talking up all these great books they're reading and then telling me about them and encouraging me to read them and......yeah. Obviously I'm easily influenced.

I really truly honestly without-a-doubt had no plans to buy books today! I mean it!

Why aren't you believing me? I see you shaking your head at me. Yeah, I see you. But it's the truth! My roomie wanted to go out to one of my favorite bookstores today, so it's her fault that I went shopping. Then when I got in the store, I went down the fiction aisles and wouldn't you know it. There sat three lovely covers with titles that were just so familiar. My hands couldn't resist. They reached out, they grabbed, they refused to let go until I got up to the cash register. Then they only agreed to let go once I promised I'd get my money out.

So you see. It's not my fault at all.

I also had nothing to do with the fact that I proceeded to sit down as soon as I got home and finish one of the books all in two sittings. I did have a break between but still. It was that engrossing.

*sigh* I know you're not believing me.

But please believe this then! Catch a Falling Star is a great story and my review will be forthcoming soon. The other two, I haven't read yet, but you can bet Barefoot Summer will probably be the next I pick up. So much for all the library books sitting on my floor. They'll just have to wait their turn.


I'm thinking my motivation is coming back. ;)


  1. Hehehehe... I can't resist a bookstore either, trust me! Remember my road trip in May? How I HAD to stop at Eugene to visit Barnes & Noble, despite the fact that I got a bit turned around first? It was important. ;) Still haven't read the two YA books I bought there... *sigh* But sometime!

    In the meantime, I'm hoping to start Anomaly very soon, and Barefoot Summer, too! Maybe we'll read one or both around the same time! Yay! :)


    1. I love that idea, Amber! To read them at the same time I mean. Will be fun to see how we both like each book! :) Do I foresee some chatting in our future? Hmmm. ;)

      That's right! You did mention that 'special' bookstore visit you made. I'd forgotten. They are so irresistible! :D

      Sometime all those books will get read! Well, either that or I'll end up taking them off the list. But I'm sure I'll end up reading them someday. Right?.......right?

  2. Ha! Well, I know you won't be disappointed with those purchases, Kara ;-) Well, I have read Anomaly but it looks great. There is just something about books, isn't there? I'm happy to take the blame for your purchases...especially if you end up loving them! Hugs xo

    1. I'm pretty positive I won't be disappointed either, Rel! I skimmed through enough of each book at the store to be pretty sure about the purchases. :)

      Oh yes. Books are such lovely things. And irresistible things too! :D Can't wait to read the other two. Thanks recommending them!

  3. I can relate, lol. And of course it wasn't your fault :-). Book stores are a place of great temptation to a book worm, and it's worsewhen the book worm has money.


    1. You understand me completely, Grace! :D When I have money in my pocket and I go into a bookstore....well. I really should know better than to do that. ;)

  4. Now this is kind of news that sounds like music to this avid readers' ears.

    KARA, MY FRIEND! Yes! But of course! Totally understand. :) And I'm happy to be one of the . Always enjoy knowing my review / raving of a book made a difference. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Catch a Falling Star ~ I read this post right before going to bed yesterday and needless to say that my day was made. How can one possibly resist an attractive read? Barefoot is in my TBR pile. ( Thanks Rissi and Rel!)

    1. 'accused'! I wrote I'm happy to be one of the 'accused'! Didn't show....

    2. Ah, Ganise. You are totally the reason I picked up Catch a Falling Star! And I'm so glad I did. It was as sweet as you said it was! I love it when I read a book someone recommended and I end up loving it like they do. That means we can sigh over our favorite scenes together! :)

      Barefoot Summer was wonderful also! Oh my. Best money I've spent in a while. :D

    3. And I can definitely attest that it's extremely hard to resist an attractive read! Because obviously I didn't even try to resist those three books above. ;)

  5. Aw! Loved this post, Kara - and thank you for the shout-out (both here and Twitter). Think of this whole "bad influence" deal as re-payment for all those times you've played the influencer on us, girl. You know you have. ;)

    Cannot wait to know more of your in-depth thoughts on 'Barefoot Summer' (it was/is a keeper! Cannot part with my copy - book two will be SO good) and am off to read your 'Catch a Falling Star' review.

    1. Ahahaha! I suppose you have a point there, Rissi. I can (grudgingly) admit that I guess. ;D

      Oh my! Barefoot Summer is all things lovely and wonderful! It's beyond a keeper! I don't plan to ever part with my copy if I can help it! So good. SO, so good! :)


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