September 21, 2014

A List...

  • Good things will happen.
  • Tea is perfectly delightful.
  • I heart bookstores.
  • And libraries!
  • Former co-workers can become close friends.
  • Bad days come to an end.
  • Scroll through Pinterest funnies on those bad days. Smiles guaranteed.
  • Unexpected packages in the mail make me happy.
  • The minute a favorite song comes on the radio, my day gets a bit better.
  • People's stories are always worth listening to.
  • Ordinary life can be beautiful.
  • Library book sales = happiness
  • Planning trips brings anticipation and hope.
  • Therefore, plan more trips.
  • It's ok to not have it all figured out.
  • Food makes my tastebuds happy.
  • Free wifi is awesome.
  • Sometimes stuff I think I need turns out to be stuff I don't.
  • Sometimes it's just "stuff".
  • Sentimentality isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • But I still treasure the crocheted tablecloth my grandmother made.
  • Moments of joy can be found in even the yuckiest of days.
  • Inspiration comes in unexpected moments.
  • Poetry that rhymes makes me happy.
  • Silly and crazy are some of my favorites things to be.
  • I can smile for days about one single compliment from a friend.
  • Sometimes I get "peopled out".
  • Solitude resets me.
  • My thoughts tend to never shut up.
  • I think way more than I say.
  • Falling in love with a new book is indescribable.
  • Words bring life.
  • Friendships bring joy.
  • Smile.
  • Breathe in.
  • Breathe out.
  • Just breathe.
  • Live.


  1. I always enjoy your posts - this one is so great! Thanks for the simple reminders and I can't echo enough that the humor section on Pinterest can make any day better!! :)

    1. Aw, thanks Jamie! I just needed to remind myself of the simple things that make life happy. And yes! Pinterest's humor section can make me laugh uncontrollably and love it! :D

  2. Well said!

    I've been missing out! I need to browse the humor section of pinterest. :)

    1. Thank you, Bluerose. And yes! You should definitely scroll through the humor section, there are so many people who have shared the funniest things. You're guaranteed to laugh! :)

  3. I echo "Library book sales = happiness." I went to my library's sale last week, and came home squealing like a little kid because I found a hardback collection of about 6 Sherlock Holmes stories for $1. I've never read his books, or owned them, so I was and still am pretty excited about it. :D

    1. Oh wow! That was definitely an awesome find, Joanna! I completely understand why you're so excited. I would be too! That's what I love about library sales. You can find the neatest treasures for the cheapest prices! I just went to one the other weekend and came out with lots of happiness. :)

  4. I love this and agree with everything. I just sat here nodding with little happy sighs as I read. :P

    1. Well thank you! I needed to remind myself of the little things that make life happy and I'm pleased that you enjoyed it as well. Your comment gave me a little happy sigh! :)

  5. I love that quote in the header - I basically love anything Montgomery :)
    What book is it from?

    I love this post... and this blog too- I'm definitely following! :-)

    1. Thank you, Naomi! And you know? I'm not even sure what book it's from. I stumbled across the quote somewhere and loved it immediately. Just did a google search and it said that it's from Anne of Green Gables. Sounds like I need to do a reread of that book so I can find it! :)

  6. Yes. It's the little things... those are what make life so sunny. :)

  7. It's like you've read my mind - or I've read yours ! Kara, I like how your posts are so real, honest and relatable - not a word but hey. I've put together a post similar to this - if you're interested in reading it :) (

    Libraries - They make the world a better place!

    Poetry, silliness, joy, road trips and being crazy - high five!

    Pinterest - seriously, so many of its pins are hysterical. It can brighten a day indeed.

    Free wifi and food - but of course!

    Thoughts - they never shut up for me either.

    Words - yes.

    Live - such a beautiful word.

    1. Great minds think alike and all that, Ganise? Clearly we're kindred spirits! *high fives back* :D

      Libraries, poetry, silliness, joy, craziness, wifi, food, words, just all the happy! So glad you agree. :)


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