September 24, 2014

Five Bookish Bad Habits

1. Library Fees - Please tell me I'm not the only one who has trouble remembering to take library books back when their due?! I am forever thinking I've had them for way less time and forgetting they were due last week. So far, my library has been nice (except for the fee part, which, to be fair, is supposed to be a punishment I assume) and has not revoked my library card as of yet.....

2. Not Reading - Wait wait! Before you get confused, this goes in conjunction with #1. I check out a lot of books from the library, but somehow never get around to reading all of them. (Somehow I get distracted with other books. Go figure.) In fact, I've had to renew and renew and renew and then finally say forget it, I'll try again another time. I only pick books that sound good or that I've been looking forward to and I'm too embarrassed to admit exactly how many books I've checked out multiple times before actually reading them.

3. Continuously Adding To My TBR - I've decided that I'm a bit like Amber, my eyes tend to be bigger than my mind (or something like that). I have bunches of books on my shelves at home and on my kindle, that I have yet to get around to reading. I'm always distracted by another book that's newer, shinier, or prettier. Silly me.

4. Not Writing Reviews - If you follow me on Goodreads, you may have already noticed this. But I've got several books that need reviewing right now. They are great stories and deserve their time to shine on this little blog of mine. Plus I want to encourage y'all to read them! :) One of the reasons why I haven't gotten around to them yet, leads me to Bad Habit #5...

5. Time-Management - I am terrible at this! Trying to find the time to read and comment on all my blogging friends posts, catch up on twitter, READ BOOKS, type up my reviews, type up any other post, watch a show or movie, eat, work, live life in general....I struggle with fitting it all in. And I'm positive I could do way better if I'd just actually plan out my days and organize myself better. Clearly I'm not so great at that either.

Well! That's enough depressing thoughts for today! If I only tried working on those five habits for the next month, I don't think I'd get anything else done. I covered a wide range of my life up there! ;) What about you? Do you have any bookish bad habits to share? (Or should I say, that you're willing to share?)


  1. I have all of those bad habits, too! It's sad...but if I stopped reading to make time for other things, that would be worse. We do what we can.

    1. Too true! We do what we can and make as much time for reading as possible. I'm happy to know I'm not the alone in this. :)

  2. You girls are making me all too aware that I STILL have not posted my TBR blog post ramble. Perhaps next week I'll get to it. ;)

    I don't have to worry about #1 since I never use the library but buying too many books coupled with time management is enough of a "double trouble" problem. *sigh* ;)

    1. Oh my, Rissi! Do I ever understand that. My TBR of just books I actually own is towering higher and higher! (You know. If I actually stacked them up that way. Which I don't. ;)

      And don't feel bad about not getting to that post. I have lots of blog reading and commenting that I need to catch up on myself. There's that time management problem again. :)

  3. I have a library fee, my first one ever and it's like I don't even know who I was anymore ;)...I never get behind like that. Oops!

    1. I am very impressed, Jamie! No, no, not that you have a fee! But that it's your very first one. I surely wish I could say that. Alas......

      (And hey. Even perfect people have to have some small flaw now and again, right?) (Kidding! I'm kidding. ;)

  4. You're cute, Kara.


    I think everyone can relate to at least one of these points.

    1) Library fees : This one isn't a problem for me but I've gotten library fees before yes. Jamie's words definitely describe how I felt when it happened. Then I just told myself I'd do better. It's okay - really, we're all working on ''getting it''.

    2 and 3) Not Reading and Adding to Pile : There are just TOO many good-looking books in the world. Too many.

    4) I understand. In my case, I don't write a review unless the book is absolutely spectacular! For some of them, I practically cannot sleep until I've gotten my thoughts on them on paper - or screen, anyway. But you seem to read WAY more than me so I understand!

    5) You can do it, friend!! I'm working on that, too! Sending you plenty of encouragement!

    1. You and Jamie give me hope, Ganise! I shall conquer this! :D

      Yes! There are waaaayyyyyy too many good-looking books in the world. But I don't want them to stop publishing them. Oh no! That wouldn't make sense at all. ;)

      And thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. It's nice to know I've got good friends who have my back.


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