March 16, 2015

Movie Quote Monday :: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty: "Hello"
Todd Maher: "Hey, what's up?"
Walter Mitty: "Todd, from eHarmony?"
Todd Maher: "Yeah, yeah, what's up, man?"
Walter Mitty: "Uh, not much. How have you been?"
Todd Maher: "It's early here. I just got up, man. I was thinking about you."
Walter Mitty: "Where are you?"
Todd Maher: "Los Angeles. Hey uh so your profile still hasn't received any winks even though I put that you've been to Phoenix."
Walter Mitty: "Oh, I jumped out of a helicopter yesterday into the ocean and had a shark fight."
Todd Maher: "Uh, yeah, yeah, listen, I was mentioning before, people who daydream too much, they're not…"
Walter Mitty: "No, it was real. I really did."
Todd Maher: "Really? I'll put down adrenaline junkie. What kind of a shark? Was it a…"
Walter Mitty: "Hey, Todd, I can't really talk right now. I'm on my way to a volcano."
I love this movie! First of all, because ICELAND (The visuals are gorgeous, people. Just gorgeous!). But also because it has so much heart. It's a reminder to not settle for a mundane life. Watching Walter come out of his shell is wonderful. He starts out making his choices very selfishly because he wants to keep his job, but slowly he learns to truly live his life instead of just letting life happen. And that, I think, is exactly what we all should be doing. Not that we can all travel to Iceland and have epic skateboarding moments, or fight off a shark and survive, or hike huge mountains that require guides who give "mountain blessings" :D.

But just making choices every single day. Choices that cause us to step out of our comfort zones and do something a little hard and a little scary. To live! But the other thing I admire is that while Walter does change and open up, he doesn't turn into this amazing epic adventurer by the end. He's still Walter. Quiet, gentle, and slightly awkward, yet stronger and more confident. Simply put, this movie is inspiring.

It also doesn't hurt that it's beautifully shot. I mean, ICELAND (Yes. It deserves all caps. Again.). Seriously! I now want to visit this country. The geography is amazing!


  1. Wonderfully put, my friend! I'm so glad ya'll introduced me to this movie. I LOVE it. Truly inspiring - and beautiful, as you note! (Fun quote, BTW. Gotta love Todd from eHarmony. ;))

    BTW, my mom told me on the phone tonight that they bought this movie after seeing it when they visited me, and they showed it to my dad, and he enjoyed it, too! Huzzah! :D


    1. Thanks, Amber! And yes. Todd from eHarmony was hilarious! He and Walter's conversations were too funny. :D

      THAT is awesome! (Have I mentioned how much I love your family? I think we'd get a long fabulously!) I love it! And it makes perfect sense because this movie is amazing. So of course they'd love it! ;)

  2. Looooooove your post <333 It really is such an inspiring film for all of the reasons you mentioned, and Iceland is absolutely gorgeous/stunning/amazing/insert-your-adjective-here. And I love the soundtrack so very much :)

    1. Thank you, Liane! I loved our twitter convos about this movie. I heart when friends like the same movies I do and we can gush about them together! Also, Iceland for the win! It's clearly so awesome that we can't even find all the adjectives to describe it. ;)

  3. I should really see this, shouldn't I?

    1. Yes! Most definitely yes, Hamlette. (But of course, you knew that already. ;)


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