July 25, 2015

Persuasion & Prayers Read-Along :: Day 10 {and my review of The Prayers of Jane Austen by Terry Glaspey}

Well! Finally on the last post for week two, after everyone else is completely finished with both books entirely! I'm way behind, but hoping to get caught up soon. Today I'm here with more thoughts on The Prayers of Jane Austen plus my review of this sweet little book. Onwards to the fun stuff! :)

{If you would care to read more discussion of either book, head over here and enjoy!}

Day 10 :: The Prayers of Jane Austen :: Prayer # 2

Quote to Ponder:

"For all whom we love and value, for every friend and connection, we equally pray; however divided and far asunder, we know that we are alike before Thee, and under Thine eye."


Ms. Austen is just as eloquent in her prayer life as she was in her fictional life! :)

23883181Question :: Did this prayer speak to you and your current situation in life? If so, how?

Having lived in California for so many years, I have a great lot of friends who live far away. I miss them all very much and my thoughts often wander their way. As well as my prayers! Especially more recently as a dear friend lost a family member and I wasn't able to be there with her. I just loved this little reminder from Ms. Austen that we all serve the same Father who is taking such good care of us. He really is! And I'm grateful that He can be there for my friends when I can't. :)

My Review:

This is such a pleasing and tender little book! Ms. Austen is so expressive, as she always is in her writing, yet gentle. There's just something so soothing about reading these prayers. She covers almost every topic, there's no one person or situation that isn't prayed over. All three prayers could easily be read/spoken when your heart is in a moment it can't seem to find the words.(Don't we all have those moments?) And the artwork! The artwork is quite lovely and truly adds to the experience. I loved all the details drawn and they remind us that this is Jane Austen speaking, because some of them are taken from her stories I believe. Wonderfully written, each prayer feels genuine and sincere and blessed me greatly. It deserves a place on your bookshelves! :)

**I received a complimentary copy from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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