July 16, 2015

Persuasion & Prayers Read-Along :: Day 6

And I'm back for week two! A little late, but here nonetheless. :) Ah, the emotional upheavals of these next chapters.......but I'm getting ahead of myself. Before entering into the gushing portion of this post, just a reminder that lots of discussion is currently going on over here, where you can also get more details on this read-along. (Also there's a giveaway! So be sure to check it out.)

So! On with the gushing, yes? :D {Beware the spoilers.}

Day 6 :: Persuasion Chapters 9-10

Quote to Ponder:

(I have two today because I couldn't choose between them! :)

"...Anne...felt some comfort in their whole party being immediately afterwards collected, and once more in motion together. Her spirits wanted the solitude and silence which only numbers could give."

"My dear Admiral, that post! we shall certainly take that post." But by coolly giving the reins a better direction herself they happily passed the danger; and by once after judiciously putting out her hand they neither fell into a rut, nor ran foul of a dung-cart; and Anne, with some amusement at their style of driving, which she imagined no bad representation of the general guidance of their affairs, found herself safely deposited by them at the Cottage."


There is so much I could talk on in these chapters, but what struck me the most is that second quote above. I love the Crofts! Their haphazard driving of their gig is hilarious and I laugh at how Wentworth mentions how often they fall out of it. I'd forgotten all about this little quirk of theirs. I also love how Anne decides that they drive just like they live. A little haphazardly, a little dangerously (he is an Admiral remember, and his wife has lived on his boat with him), yet always loving and helping one another. Did you notice that little moment where it says that Mrs. Croft took over the reins for a minute and then later puts her hand out to keep everything steady? No big show, she just quickly and efficiently helped in a serious situation and then moved on. (Not unlike someone else I could mention....) What a marriage these two clearly have! They are one fictional couple I'd love to meet in real life. :D

Then, of course, that first quote is so Anne. I feel such sympathy for her in that moment and can understand her desire for anonymity. What better chance of being anonymous than in a crowd that includes the Miss Musgroves'? And Mary? Those three ladies are excellent at gathering all the attention to themselves. There is something weirdly comforting (sometimes) about being alone in a crowd.

Question :: I have to ask, because I love autumn and I love the theme of "seasons," what connections do you see between the autumnal setting of chapter 10 and the current state of Anne and Wentworth's relationship?

There's another small quote I loved and it's when Wentworth says, "If Louisa Musgrove would be beautiful and happy in her November of life, she will cherish all her present powers of mind." I think that applies so nicely to Anne and Wentworth's current relationship. Anne is considering them to be in their "November". The beautiful Spring of their relationship happened when they first met and were deliriously happy. Then Summer came, with all its hot weather and stress of so many around Anne pulling her this way and that. With her decision to refuse him, Wentworth's leaving brought on the Autumn of unhappiness. And now we're in November, a very chilly response from him whenever they chance upon each other (which is happening way too often for poor Anne!). And she's fully expecting them to be well on their way to Winter when "all hope is gone" forever. (If you follow what I'm trying to say?)

I also want to note how very much I love what Wentworth does for her on their walk. Quite unbeknownst to her, he notices how tired she is and desires to bring her relief. I'm not convinced that her reasoning why he did this is correct, however. Because I still stand by my belief that he doesn't truly know his own heart yet and unconsciously wants to provide comfort for her. If we asked him in that moment why he did such a thing, what would he answer I wonder?


  1. What fabulous observations, Kara! I'm enjoying your take on this story, especially because you're familiar with it.

    I DO love the Crofts dearly! They are so funny and carefree, while clearly in love. I'm glad you pointed out how Mrs. Croft aided the situation, too.

    And your observations about them being in their autumn season are spot-on. They would be in for a long winter (if the book ended differently! :) if he married a Musgrove.

    1. Thank you, Courtney! I am having so much fun reading this again and getting the chance to analyze all the details. :D

      The Crofts are just lovely, aren't they? I love them to bits!

      Yes! It would be a very, very long winter for both of them if he married a Musgrove. It's a good thing it doesn't end that way! :D

  2. I love when Wentworth
    puts her in the carriage. So romantic. Though, I'm not sure Anne thought so.

    1. I love that moment too, Jenny. But I do think you have a great point. Anne isn't really sure what was going through his mind at that moment. And while she is able to see some good in his motives, she isn't yet able to see that it could have been his heart showing!

  3. I agree with all of this! I love the Crofts' relationship, and Wentworth and Anne are definitely in that transitional stage of their relationship. Trying to figure things out. Also, I completely understand about wanting to be anonymous sometimes. It gives me time to "suss things out" with no one else's thoughts interfering. :)

    1. Thanks, Hannah. The Crofts are just awesome, yes? :) And I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes we need time to try and understand a person or a situation and the only way to do that is by anonymously doing things.


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