July 8, 2015

Review: Just One Summer by Nicole Deese, Tammy L. Gray, Amy Matayo, & Jenny B. Jones

Ah, this is just what I needed! When life gets crazy and chaotic and my reading time gets severely limited as a result, then novellas are the way to go. Especially when I just want a fun story and a cute romance. And oh my, how these delivered! I've been a fan of Ms. Jones for several years now and she never fails to make me giggle and swoon over and over. Having never read anything by the other three, I was pleased to really enjoy their stories as well! I will certainly be searching out more from them in the future.

I admired how all four authors were able to write individual stories, yet link them together at the same time. Joss, Sydney, Darby, and Avery felt like girls who were great friends, yet were able to have their own adventures while still connecting with each other. Not unlike friendships in the real world, they grow separately yet together. Somehow it works.

Likewise the cute and the happy and the adorable are....I mean, these guys? These guys are keepers. They know how to make their ladies swoon, yet support and comfort in the tough moments. Because lest you think these are only fluffy, happy, shallow fantasies, I should note that each of the girls have hard and not-so-fluffy things to deal with. Their struggles are part of who they are becoming and it's a wonderful thing to see each one grow stronger by the end.

When you're in the mood for a few laughs, a few sweet moments, a few heart-melting moments, a few swoony moments, and a lot of happy grinning, then you should definitely check these stories out. Delightful summer reading just like the title suggests!

**I was provided a complimentary copy from the authors in exchange for my honest review.

"You sure about this?"
"Yes," I say. "Mostly. Pretty much. Minus a few areas of doubt. But the good kind. So, back to yes. Absolutely. At least ninety-percent."


  1. Sounds cute! I might need something happy and short after the books I've been reading lately.

    1. Happy and short are the perfect description of these stories, Hannah! They really are cute novellas. :)

  2. Loved these novellas - and I'm pleased to read you did as well, Kara. They're really the perfect summer reads and like you say, when life is busy, they allow us to enjoy some fun fiction without a huge time commitment. :)

    1. Exactly, Rissi! A perfect summer read that is short and sweet. Plus all the adorable! So glad I had the opportunity to read them. :)


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