February 9, 2016

Review: The End of the World by Amy Matayo

Ouch. Oh my heart. This story is hard, friends. It's painful, it wounds, and it hurts. It is so far from easy and happy, and y'all know I love my happy, funny books! But what an incredible story it is. In spite of the hard, the emotions don't stop! Because I ended this book with so many FEELINGS. Ones that I'm struggling to put into words. It's not often a story will do that to me, but this one....Ms. Matayo, you are a superb writer! I have no other words for your skill with the pen and this story is the perfect proof of your ability. I'm in awe of these characters you've created! :)

It was clear from the very first page that this story was going to be different. I was a bit unsure of what I would think of it, to be honest, yet it didn't take long at all for me to get drawn into Shaye and Cameron's world and then the raw emotions began! Their lives are difficult to put it mildly. I wanted so badly to reach into the pages and wrap my arms around those two characters and just hug them as tight and as long as I could. Or as long as they'd let me anyway. Because their story is one that isn't easy to read about. (I still wanted to hold them tight at the end because they need more people to love them! And oh how I love them now.)

But! For all the pain involved (a fact which would make it seem like there's nothing happy about this story at all), the idea that these two broken souls could somehow find a glimmer of hope in their darkness.....well, that just makes it worth delving into. Because hope is there, my friends! The flame is small and hiding in the grime and dirt (it seems almost nonexistent really), but it's still there. And the fact that Shaye and Cameron were somehow able to find it and cling to it, despite all that life threw in their paths, that gave me hope that their story would somehow find a good ending. And I'm so glad I had the privilege to journey with them to that beautiful ending!

This book is not for the faint of heart because the issues involved are serious. But the characters are so very resilient and every single time you think they'll be unable to get through another moment, up they stand and forward they go! Shaye and Cameron are so worth getting to know. For as hard as their journey is, that makes their bits of happy shine ever so much brighter! And their story is amazing, just you read it and see! :)

**I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Because abandonment is the worst feeling in the world. It's itchy, like a wool sweater in a summer heat wave. I know this firsthand. For years now, that sweater has clung to me like a second skin I'll never be able to remove.

"What would make you happy?" When her arm lands on my shoulder, I know I would willingly ask the question a thousand more times. "Knowing you've figured out how to live in the present. Because today is hard enough without having to relive yesterday over and over and over."

Happiness, I've found, is a precious thing once it comes to you. And when it arrives in your early twenties for the first time ever, you don't plan on letting it go. My grip might be fragile, but it's strong.

She's been quiet the entire drive, looking at her hands like they hold the secrets of the future. Like if she stares hard enough, answers will appear in the form of words in the lines on her skin and rise up to tell her a story.


  1. I love books that are hard to read. I'll have to look into this one.

    1. Jenny: I hope you get the chance to read it! Because it really blew me away. Very powerful!

  2. This book is... how to put it into words!? It's beautiful. It's broken, and yes, it's raw. But all of this darkness Amy asks us to travel with Cameron and Shaye makes the ending THAT much sweeter and more beautiful. :)

    1. Rissi: Yes to everything you say. There's just no words for the feelings this story evokes in us, is there? And that ending is SO so very fought for and deserved. It was a battle to get there, but as you say, all the darkness just makes it so much sweeter! :)


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