February 28, 2016

Review: Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

This is SUCH a fun story! I haven't seen much about it around the blogosphere and I cannot figure out why. (Maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots?) Because Ms. Lewis' skill with writing a scifi fairytale retelling is great! I loved that I could see the elements of Snow White, yet she created an entire new world and story of her own. It worked for me. Fabulously!

The characters are awesome. Y'all know how I love to gush about characters, and Essie and Dane are worth gushing over! Essie especially, as she starts out with so many secrets and it takes time for her to even trust the reader with sharing them. The more I got to know her, the more inside her head I got, the more I wanted to jump in the pages and make things better for her. She quickly grew in my heart and I couldn't wait for her happy ending to arrive because she so deserves happiness in her life! She acts all tough (and she is), but she's also got a tender heart. Her scars are many and it takes a bit for her to trust anyone.

Which Dane certainly didn't help! He blundered through his choices (for good reasons, but that doesn't exonerate him completely) and messes with Essie's safe (or is it?) little world. I admit to being a bit frustrated with him at first, just like Essie. (He, too, has a lot of secrets.) But it wasn't long until he endeared himself and watching his interactions with her thereafter was great fun. These two most certainly fit well together and we get to enjoy watching them figure this out. :)

I can't forget to mention Dimwit! And the other six drones as well, but Dimwit takes center stage. He made me laugh! I loved that there was more to his idiocy than first meets the eye. He ends up being pretty significant to the plot, surprising everyone!

The world-building is great, the mysteries and secrets that must be figured out are sufficiently intriguing, the romance is adorable, and I loved that it's a stand-alone. All in all, this a wonderful story! Ms. Lewis has officially been added to my favorite authors list! :)

"You did this, didn't you?" Dane shouted over the alarm.
"Of course I did! Set it down on Garam or we'll both die."
"With the thrusters misfiring like this? We'll never make it."
I glanced at the readout on his panel. He was right. I'd sabotaged myself right into a corner and had about five minutes to get both of us out of it .
"Where's my gear?"
He shot a glare over his shoulder. "How bent do you think I am?"
"Dane, I did this because I don't want to die! Where is my gear?"

Then we hit turbulence.
I really hoped Dane was as good a pilot as he was a liar. We both had to survive the landing. It was the only way I'd get a chance to kill him.


  1. I'm so glad you loved this one. I did too! The drones were my favorite, Dimwit being number one. :)

    1. Jenni: Dimwit is awesome! :) After writing my review, it made me want to go back and reread the story again. SO fun!

  2. I agree with everything. It was a fun book with great characters, and I loved Dimwit!

    1. Kami: Right? I'm so glad you agree! And yes, Dimwit is just awesome, isn't he? :)

  3. Yay! Every time I see someone read and enjoy this book it makes me happy! Loved your thoughts.

    1. Jenny: Thanks! And I know just what you mean. I do wonder why I don't hear about this book more often, it really is wonderful. Yay for spreading the love! :)


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