February 14, 2016

In Honor of Valentine's Day...

I read several of the Top Ten Tuesday posts last week which featured your favorite couples from literature, favorite quotes, favorite romances, etc. And though I was unable to join in on Tuesday I was hoping I'd have time to do a post before Valentine's Day was over. So here I am! :)

I've listed a few of my favorite couples on here before {part 1} {part 2}, but as I keep reading more books, I keep finding more couples that I love! Hence I'm going to do another list. And perhaps introduce you to some wonderful characters and their love stories. These couples just made my heart *happy dance* and I grin every single time I read their stories again. Don't you just love when books do that for you?

Margaret Hale & John Thornton ~ North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Come now, you knew I'd mention them someday, right? Because y'all know how much I love these two!! :D I love so very many things about them, but I think what I love the most is how they understand one another. Once they both get over their initial dislike and frustration, they are very equal in intelligence. Their minds are constantly whirring with ideas, and when those ideas come together, they create quite a powerhouse! They challenge and learn from one another, they change for one another, and once they start loving each other...well. But their journey to finding that connection and love is so wonderfully well done! Kudos to Ms. Gaskell. :)

Puck & Sean ~ The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater

Oh how I fell for these two! Their story is quieter and their journey to find each other is expressed more in what they don't say than by what they do. Both carefully choose their next steps (well, Puck can be impulsive, but for good reasons! :) and watching them slowly dance their way around one another.....*swoon* Seriously, friends! Ms. Steifvater excels at letting the chemistry between these two fill the pages, almost without any talking between them at all! Oh, they talk, but they say so much more with just their awareness of each other. And how they care for one another. It's a delight to read!

Sasharia & Zathdar ~ Sasharia En Garde by Sherwood Smith

I don't know what to say about these two other than you really must meet them! Their chemistry is fantastic and their story....let's just say that this heroine refuses to take anything lying down. She's feisty, heroic, will fight her own battles thankyouverymuch, and her interactions with Zathdar are fraught with feelings. Which she may or may not appreciate, depending on the situation! ;) Let's just say that they both have a journey to take and we readers get the privilege of riding along and enjoying!

Essie & Dane ~ Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

Take two characters who don't trust each other, add a dash of scifi/space dramatics where lives hang in the balance, have one character kidnap the other against their will, and then have them fall for each other against the backdrop of a time of possible war. And there you have it! A fabulous, chemistry-filled, romance for your consumption! I loved the banter between these two and watching them very, very slowly come to trust one another.

26838423Ava & Keegan ~ While You're Awake by Amber Stokes

Keegan is the sweetest! He takes such good care of Ava and her fears. He's quite simply a nice guy. And I, for one, adore nice guys in literature! #NiceGuysFTW :D I loved these two enough that I wish this wasn't only a short story, but a full length novel so I could have more time with them.

Lucy & James ~ The Bronte Plot by Katherine Reay

This book is not a romance by any means, but the meet cute between these two had me at hello anyway! James, himself, doesn't get a lot of page time, but I still loved their interactions. For all that he spends a great deal of the story angry and frustrated with Lucy (and rightly so!), as she slowly came to understand herself and started to change her bad habits, so too their conversations began to change. Theirs is a slow journey and we end with them barely beginning, but something about their story just resonates with me.

Flossie & Reeve ~ Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist

I loved these two! I know I keep saying that, but it's true every time! The time period, coupled with the chemistry between the characters and the way they slowly came to understand one another, all adds together to make a wonderful journey. You really should get to know them! :)

Alice & Paul ~ The Pepper in the Gumbo by Mary Jane Hathaway

If you take a bookstore-owning heroine who dislikes technology and give her a technology-savvy hero determined to love her, you have this fabulous, chemistry-laden story! Alice and Paul's interactions practically sizzle with their awareness of each other. But it's so much more than just chemistry, they understand one another. And I love how Paul desires to help Alice in whatever ways he can. His heart is so good and who can withstand a nice guy? :)

Willa & Patrick ~ A Season to Love by Nicole Deese

Oh my heart, I love these two!! I love how Patrick understands Willa's fears and seeks to help her conquer them. He's another nice guy with such a good heart. When a good guy consistently showers you with care and concern, how is a girl to resist? Willa can't and as they come together...*happy sigh*. Their story makes me so happy, I'm grinning right now as I type this! :D

Catherine & David ~ The Thorn Keeper by Pepper D. Basham

I just finished reading about these two the other day and oh my goodness how I love them! Their story comes out in a couple weeks and you really need to meet them. I loved how David realized how special and awesome Catherine is, even when she didn't believe it herself. And Catherine! She's an amazing woman whose mind never stops working to solve all the myriad of problems that are constantly making themselves known. These two are SO good for each other! Put this book on your radar!

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies! I hope you're showered with love today.


  1. Love these couples! Sean and Puck! Swoon!

    1. Jenny: Right?? I thought you might feel the same way about those two! :)

  2. I'm glad you included our ever-favourite Mr. Thornton and Margaret . And, yay, you included Alice and Paul! <3

    I have never read the rest of the books you listed here yet, but I want to. :)

    1. Alyssa: But of course! No romantic hero list is complete without Mr. Thornton! :D

      Alice and Paul as so much fun together. Their constant awareness of each other just....*swoon*

  3. Squee! So awesome to see Keegan on the same list as John Thornton. ;) Thank you sooo much for the sweet S/O, friend!

    I have a few of these books on my TBR and look forward to meeting the couples. :) Fab post!

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


    1. Amber: You are so welcome, my friend! As I've said many times, Ava and Keegan are just adorable. I'm so glad you introduced them to your readers! :)

      Thank you, I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yourself!

  4. *sigh* Mr. Thornton! *sigh*

    I just read Stitching Snow, and I loved the romance between Essie and Dane!

    Good picks!

    1. Kami: Right?! My feelings exactly!! :D

      Essie and Dane are so great together, aren't they? I think I need a reread of that book.


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