March 29, 2016

Review: A Singular and Whimsical Problem by Rachel McMillan

I had been excitedly anticipating Rachel's series for months prior to this little novella getting published! After reading (and loving) her blog for several years, I knew her fictional writing could only be more awesome. She simply has a way with words. A fellow blogger called it endearing and I have to agree that's the perfect word for it!

This world she's created is simply a delight to be introduced to, even with its Morality Squad and murder mysteries yet to be solved. As for Jemima and Merinda? Oh my, what characters these ladies are! I loved Jem immediately, but Merinda had to grow on me. Considering this series is based on Sherlock Holmes though, it's understandable that Merinda would be a bit difficult to get a handle on. She intrigues me and I shall look forward to getting to know her better!

The gentlemen connected to these ladies are just as quirky in their own ways and certainly make an impression. We don't get tons of time with them, as this is only a novella and therefore the amount of page time has to be limited, but what little we get makes it abundantly clear that these men are NICE. Yay for nice guys! Literature could use more of those.

The murder mystery is sufficiently compelling and while I slowly put the pieces together, naturally Merinda was far ahead of me. But she could stand to be a bit more quick on the uptake, especially for poor Jem's sake! ;)

A wonderful introduction to the series that only whets my appetite for more time with these characters.

The blade was at Merinda's neck.
I had a revolver in the pocket of my trousers. We were clad in men's clothes, three steps ahead of the Morality Squad and legions away from feminine propriety. My shaky fingers felt for and slowly extracted the pistol.
"You're sure taking your time, Jem!" Merinda cried.
"Quiet, or I'll finish the job." A dark voice echoed between the surrounding walls.
"All right, all right!" I held the gun out. "There! Consider yourself threatened!" I cocked the pistol as Merinda had taught me, and though perspiration trailed into my eyes and my hand was far from steady, I aimed it just above her shoulder blade and at the breast of her captor. He was larger than she and far taller too.
"Don't shoot me!" Merinda pleaded. "Cracker jacks, Jem! Do you want him to slice me in two?"

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