November 18, 2016

30 Days of Books :: Day 13

Oh goodness. I looked at the theme for today and kind of stared at it for a while. To pick just one is so hard! I know I've said that before, yet it's the dilemma of every booklover isn't it? I have so very many favorite writers! But I have to narrow it down, so I'm going to do that. Yep. I will. ;)

{joining Jenni}

Day 13 :: Your favorite writer

In order to choose just one, I'm going to choose one that I've read recently. Katherine Reay for sure! Having just finished her newest a week or so ago, A Portrait of Emily Price, I can confidently say that her books only keep getting better. At only four books published currently, she has consistently written stories that resonate with me! Filled with characters I love (at least by the end of the book I do :), family relationships that draw me in and make me root for them, and simply a love of story (and classics!) that infuses every inch of her writing!

I loved Dear Mr. Knightley, as I knew I probably would considering it's based on Daddy Long Legs, one of my top favorites ever. Then came Lizzy & Jane, and The Bronte Plot. With each subsequent book, her writing has only continued to make me fall in love. Even when a character isn't so likable in the beginning (such as Lucy, in The Bronte Plot), I find myself drawn into their story nonetheless and loving them by the time I reach the final pages! As characters are a big reason for whether I love a book or no, this is obviously important. :)

Clearly yes, Katherine Reay is one of my most favorite writers. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where she takes us with her next book! (If only I didn't have another year to wait though. Where's Doctor Who when you need him?? ;)


  1. A Portrait of Emily Price FINALLY came in at the library for me yesterday! I'm like three chapters in and reeeeeeeeeeeally liking it :-)

    Also, I tagged you today. Play if you want to :-) Happy Friday!

    1. Hamlette: I'm way behind on responding to this, but when I originally read your comment I couldn't stop grinning! I'm so, so pleased you enjoyed this book. I honestly think it really is her best yet! :)

      I know I said this already, but thanks for the tag. It was fun!

  2. I still haven't read any of her books yet. But, I am going to read Lizzy and Jane soon! :D

    1. Jenni: And I will look forward to hearing what you think of it! (Fingers crossed that you like it. :)


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