July 18, 2018

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Thirty-Eight

Hello again, my lovelies! I know, it seems all I do is post about reviews these days, right? I just have so many to catch up on! And I've been reading a great deal, so it's kind of never ending... But! I will reach a point (and very soon) when they'll slow down, so at least there's that...? :)

On to the good stuff!

Timeless Love by Andrea Boeshaar, Stephenia H. McGee, Kari Trumbo, Dawn Crandall, Pepper D. Basham, Misty M. Beller, Sarah Monzon
When I heard Pepper Basham would have a story in this collection, you can bet that I couldn't wait to read it! Thus, you won't be surprised that it was the first story I dove into. And what an adventure! Actually, I could say that about all the stories here, full of surprises and adventures and genuine, lovable characters. They were all equally loads of fun! It's a great mix of time periods and romances. With a few authors I recognized and a few I didn't, I have to say that I was far from disappointed with any of their offerings. (Also, I may have gone back and reread all my favorite scenes in each story right after finishing the book, but that's a secret between you and me, okay? ;) Well worth your time to pick this book up, reader friends! You just might find a favorite new-to-you writer (like me) or rediscover why you love a particular writer so well (also like me)!

Second Impressions by Pepper Basham
Why on earth it took me so long to read this one, I have no idea. I mean, it's a Pepper Basham book! AND it mentions Jane Austen, a LOT. Perfect combo for this Austen (and Basham) loving girl! :D To say that I loved all the Austen references would be putting it very mildly. Yet, it's not just Jane, it's actually Nora and Ethan who grabbed my heart. I wasn't sure what to make of the two of them when they first meet, but (as the title suggests) second impressions are worth discovering! These two are super adorable together, once they get beyond their initial acquaintance. Full of heart and Jane Austen and lots of laughter, this one is a wonderful addition to any bookshelf (be it physical or digital!).

Mowed Over by Christina Coryell
The two main characters in this book are so very different that, at first glance, one would wonder how they would ever work as romantic partners. But they do! Willow and Clint are pretty sweet together, actually. And watching as they navigate the interesting, fairy-filled waters around them makes for a lot of grins. Nothing about their relationship goes anything like either one expects, but what fun I had reading about it! (Also, who knew a beard could make a guy swoony?!) Oh! And I can't forget the cute little Jane Austen-y references. Very slight, but they're definitely there. Which, of course, just made me love this story ever so much more.

A Heart Restored by Elizabeth Maddrey
I admit, I think my favorite part of this book was all the hilarious mistakes poor Deidre made while texting! A couple of them made me giggle out loud. Which just endeared her to me. And to Jeremiah! :D I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about restoring a house, but the descriptions of what Peacock Hill looked like, before and after, made me wish it were an actual place to visit. Plus, I just really loved that the story takes place in my home state, which meant I recognized places mentioned. This is fun little romance between two people who were not prepared to find each other. For all the shortness of the story, I could totally buy into their chemistry and simply enjoyed the journey of them coming together. Very cute!

Unleashing Love by Jessica R. Patch
This was simply a very sweet story. While a quick read, Ms. Patch managed to make the romantic bits believable. I rather enjoyed all the little southern moments mentioned. And so many times I had to grin at the complete opposites that Emma Kate and Griffin proved they were. It caused more than one misunderstanding between them, much to my delight! Because seeing Emma Kate mad is simply the cutest. It's no wonder Griffin fell for her against his better judgement! :D She really has a way of charming her way into your heart. The two of them were adorably all in denial of their attraction, but that just made it more fun for me. And although the resolution came together a bit quicker than I anticipated, it was still pretty swoony! I might just have to go back and reread it now myself. :)

The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz
All the rave reviews from blogging friends were spot on for this book! Which shouldn't surprise me since it is by Laura Frantz. (She being practically the queen of historical (and southern) romances set in colonial time periods. :) Ms. Frantz always excels in writing characters that I immediately root for and Liberty is no exception. Neither is Noble! (Goodness, that man could make a girl swoon!) As usual, it took only the first page to pull me inside her story-world and there I was anxiously waiting to see how things would play out. Ms. Frantz's thorough research always shines and, really, I can't find enough gushing words to describe the beauty of descriptions to be found in this story. As another blogging friend (and author herself) described it, I always think the current Laura Frantz book I'm reading is her BEST one and then I read her next one and am blown away again! So really, all you need to know is Laura Frantz wrote this. (Which means, what on earth are you waiting for?! Go read it right now! ;)


  1. I think I’ve heard of The Lacemaker. Sounds lovely!

  2. So long as bite-sized reviews involve all the book talk, there can never be too many. :)

    A Heart Restored has a SUPER cute cover. Looks like one I may need to take a second look at. :)

  3. SO MANY FUN BOOKS! I have yet to read all of the Timeless Love collection, but I will eventually! I have loved Pepper's and Dawn's stories so far.

    Second Impressions = All the fun!

    I cannot wait to read The Lacemaker! I have it on my shelf. Waiting. Patiently?

    I just read an upcoming release from Christina, and Willow and Clint are mentioned! This makes me curious about their story!


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