July 13, 2018

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Thirty-Seven

Hello, my lovelies! Yep, I'm still rolling out the mini review posts. I had a lot of reviews to catch up on! Sorry for the influx, but please don't let that keep you from checking a few of these books out. There's some awfully cute stories you might miss out on otherwise! ;)

The Men of KWESTT series by Clari Dees
Some Enchanted Evening
Heart and Soul 
You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You
Catch a Falling Star
I was in need of sweet romance and good chemistry between characters when I stumbled upon this series. Happily, Ms. Dees delivered precisely what I wanted! The guys are suitably handsome and charismatic and their ladies are perfect for them. I grinned a great deal while reading each of their stories and, of course, swooned at the romantic bits. I appreciated that Ms. Dees gave depth to the hurt and fears the characters had to work through. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the musical aspects of the stories! Since all the guys are a part of a musical group together, each of them plays a different instrument and it was great to see the fun they have together. I think my very favorite character was Enoch though and I loved his kindness and true gentlemanly ways. Since he doesn't have his own book, I was pleased that he showed up so often in the others. Super cute and fun series overall!

The Rider of Lost Creek by Louis L'Amour
I'm not normally a big fan of westerns, hence why my family (who have all read pretty much every book by this guy) hadn't convinced me to pick up one of Mr. L'Amour's stories. Until now. (When you're on a roadtrip with friends, sometimes you get outvoted.) And I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I can clearly see why he's such a well-loved author, he quite impressed me with his ability to keep me invested in the story. I was anxious to find out how things were going to go and hoping that it wouldn't end with my favorite characters dead! :) Full of vivid descriptions and enough tension to keep me on the edge of my seat, it surprised me into laughter several times as well. Perhaps I shall read another L'Amour book someday!

Taking a Chance by Becky Monson
Short and sweet, this little novella relies heavily on the chemistry between its two main characters. And it surely delivers! From their initial meeting and throughout their one day together each of them slowly opens up to the other and begins to find an understanding heart. Finding Liza's bravery makes for a cute and adventurous day for the two and the slow buildup to the final pages felt very natural. We leave them at a place of beginning and leave me with a smile on my face! Super cute. :)

Miss Wilton's Waltz by Josi S. Kilpack
Ms. Kilpack had me immediately upon introducing Lenora. There was just something about her sweetness of character and the awkwardness she strove so hard to overcome. It was delightful to see her press forward despite any and all circumstances that wanted to knock her back down! And her very slow growing friendship with Catherine was wonderful to watch unfold. For all of Catherine's precocious and awful ways, I couldn't help but like her. As for Aiden? Oh my! The genuine nice guy that he is certainly made me like him a great deal! Even if he did make a choice or two that made me want to shake him. Lenora and Aiden's romance is quite adorable though! Even with all the fears and hurt they both have to work through, the way they encourage each other is sweet. A fun, easy read that made me grin. And swoon! :)

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  1. More bite sized reviews mean MORE books and reading time! Yay for you! I'm enjoying your reviews, Kara. :) Happy weekend!


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