March 26, 2013

Beauty is There

There is beauty in the world!

(Isn't that a song or something? When I thought of it, it just seemed familiar somehow but for the life of me, I can't figure it out.)

There's lots of people who talk about beauty. I wasn't sure I really needed to add my two cents. But here I am. Putting my words out there.

Beauty. It's everywhere!

Sometime last week, I heard tell that there was a Down's Syndrome Day. (I forget where I heard it and I've no idea if it's truly a day or not. But I'm all for it if it is!) That made me think about beauty. Why, you may ask? Because just the weekend before, I had met Tony.

Tony is in his early 20s and has numerous handicaps. But oh my goodness, what a smile he had! I immediately noticed it. His whole face lights up when he smiles! With all the struggles he has to go through each day, simply to live life at all, his smiles still show up really often. And his laughs! His mother would tease him and he would laugh and laugh. So much so, that everyone around simply had to join in. He is beautiful.

Then there's John. Who's wife just passed away from Alzheimer's. She lived in a home and he faithfully went and ate lunch with her.  This beloved wife who no longer knew him, yet he would talk to her and help feed her and always always with a smile on his face. When I see him other places, the smile is there. With the burdens he had, he never complained. His first words to me are always, "How are you doing?". He is beautiful.

Or what about Charlotte? She has Down's Syndrome. And doesn't know a single stranger anywhere. It's not possible to dislike her! Not possible at all, trust me. Her smiles! Her cheerfulness! She befriends everyone and always finds something to talk about. She mails birthday cards to lots and lots of people.  I used to faithfully get one every year, until I moved out of state and she had to limit her card-sending somewhere. Who doesn't love receiving mail? And when it's guaranteed to make you smile? All the better! She is beautiful.

Beauty can be found. What the world calls beautiful and what I call beautiful may be two entirely different things. But I see beauty so very many places. Most especially in the people I see every day. Not just the ones I know either. When you're out and about, look people in the face. Really look at them and see what beauty they may have. It's not always apparent with a first glance, it sometimes requires a conversation. But it's there. Oh yes. It's definitely there.

Now granted, you may not see beauty in everybody. (Some is a little harder to find.) But if you look around enough, you will see it somewhere. Tony reminded me to keep looking. When the troubles surround us on every side; when the day seems extra hard and things aren't going well; when health problems crop up; whatever the trial---beauty can be found! Sometimes you have to look hard, it may be hiding behind what you first thought was ugly. But it's still there, just waiting to peek out to the right person.

What one thing can you see right now, that's beautiful in your eyes?

I see this picture. My nieces made that for me a couple years ago and I refuse to get rid of it. It's beautiful to me! Not perfectly made, but perfectly given. Perfectly given with little hearts just overflowing with love to share with me. What's more beautiful than that? To me-at this moment-absolutely nothing.

I hope you find beauty in your day, wherever it may be and however it may arrive!

Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. Wonderful post, Kara.

    Far too often we all need this reminder. There is beauty is SO much of this world. We forget easily because we are weighed down with life's flaws and sorrows. Sometimes all we need to do is watch the sunset or hear a child's laughter to be reminded that God's hand is evident in everything. :)

    1. Yes, reminders of seeing the good all around us is definitely necessary unfortunately. But when God puts someone or something in our lives for us to notice, it's such an awesome thing to realize yet again! Life gets so hard sometimes and those little surprises remind me how good God truly is.

      Meeting Tony was definitely one of those surprises, and a great reminder for me the last few days. A reminder to enjoy this life I've been given!

      The more I thought on it, the more I wanted to see if I could get my thoughts down in a way to make sense. Glad it does! Thanks Rissi. :)


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