March 12, 2013

Jane Austen and Her (Many) Adaptations

Why yes, that is the handsome Rupert Penry-Jones staring at you. Sigh. Isn't he swoon-worthy? I fully admit to the fact that I watch the 2007 version of Persuasion mainly because of him. Sally Hawkins and the rest of the cast do a good job also, but Rupert is what convinces me to come back again and again and ag.....well, you get the idea. ;P


This is supposed to be a post about Austen adaptations. Not just Rupert (though he is fine to look at, right? You have to agree at least about this particular picture! Surely!).

I am an Austen fangirl. Yes, I freely admit to that. Besides, you've already figured that out, yes? I also admit to the fact that I'm not picky on what adaptation I watch. Gasp! The very idea!

Now believe me, I am fully aware of the varied opinions around (perhaps even belonging to you!). The differing reasons why this person likes this version better and this other person likes this other version much better. I just read a post recently on a fellow blogger's reasons why she is partial to P&P 2005. (She makes excellent statements and uses good and reasonable logic. Unlike me.) I've also read similar posts regarding the 1995 version. Every person has their own opinion and very valid (usually) reasons for liking a particular version better.

Here's a newsflash. There's nothing wrong with liking the version you like. Whatever your reason.

I know. I've shocked you, haven't I? You've totally never thought such a thing and can't even imagine why I'd suggest it, right? (I hope you're catching my sarcasm here.)

But you do see my point.

I'm just going to assume you do and move on.

So. Jane Austen. Everyone has their favorites. We're all on the same page now. Therefore, going back to my original thought.....I like them all!

Every adaptation has it's good points and it's not so good points. Every actor or actress has their good moments and their not so good moments. Every screen writer has their good scenes and their not so good scenes. You get my drift. Point is, there is something for every one. And for this Austen-ite, there's everything!

And it's all awesome!

I have moments where I'm in the mood for Rupert and want to stare at his lovely eyes a while. There are other moments where I'm in the mood for Amanda Root and her transformation. Other times I want to see Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul stiffly (but cutely) converse with each other. Still other times I'm ready to watch Jonny Lee Miller win over Romola Garai (and me!) with his beautiful emotion and all around awesome-ness. (I suppose I do have to admit a certain......"preference" shall I say....for the 2009 Emma over any other version of Emma. What can I say? I'm human! It's perfectly okay for me say one thing and then completely contradict myself a few paragraphs later in my own blog post. So what if you think I'm crazy? You already think it, right? So my confounding logic is nothing new then.) I even like Bride and Prejudice and Aisha.

Basically, I just like Jane Austen. I could try to expound on why, but this post is long enough and you're already reaching the point where you'd like me to shush. So the way I see it, whichever versions you prefer or don't prefer, so long as you're enjoying an Austen story then we're bound to be kindred spirits! (Or pretty close to it, at least.)

But you get my drift, right? I will watch an Austen adaptation anytime. Doesn't matter which one. I'm guaranteed to enjoy it. I have my favorite moments in each one. The moments that I rewind and watch again and again (don't we all). I have just about all the versions on DVD. I have re-watched them all multiple times.

If you say Jane Austen, I'm totally there with bells on!

Jane Austen was an amazing author. I am incredibly thankful that she wrote stories that I can still enjoy many, many years later. I am also thankful that I'm not alone in this feeling and that loads of other people still desire to watch her stories on screen. If any future adaptations happen, I'm positive I will absolutely enjoy myself!

So here's to Austen and her glorious-ness! *raises her cup of tea*

Do you have certain adaptations you like better than others? Do you have an adaptation you don't like? Or are you like me, and just like any and all versions so long as it's Jane Austen?

Or perhaps you don't like Austen at all? (Which probably means that you've abandoned this post long before now. But if not, then....?)

I'd love to know! (But please, be nice. I like happy people. They make me happy. So let's all be happy together, okay? :D)

(Lurkers are fine too. But I'd really love some comments if you so feel the desire. Comments = blissfulness)

Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. I like happy people too!

    I love watching all Jane Austen movie adaptations, but some I prefer over others. The ones that I don't like are usually because I found them boring. I own DVD's for both the 1995 and 2005 movie versions of P&P.

    When I first watched the version of Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds I did not like it at all. It is now one of my favorites. Sometimes watching a movie again does the trick.

    1. Yay for happy people! :D

      When I first watched Ciaran Hinds, I didn't really like him as Captain Wentworth. Now I do! But you're so right. It took a couple viewings before I liked him a lot better. And watching a Jane Austen story multiple times? Always a win-win! (I suppose that means I need to watch the other version of Emma again huh?) :P

  2. Shiny, happy people! Woo!

    So far, I have yet to truly dislike an Austen adaptation. I like the 1995 AND the 2005 P&Ps (and I refuse to be forced to choose between them!), I like the 1996 Emma, the 1995 S&S, the 1995 Persuasion (good heavens, was everything made in 95/96?). I even liked the 1940 P&P okay, as parts of it made me laugh a lot, though that's my least favorite of all the ones I've seen.

    1. I am totally with you Hamlette! I refuse to be forced to choose between the versions of P&P too. They both have scenes that I like to rewind often. :) The 1940 P&P is simply hilarious, isn't it? I wasn't sure what to expect the first time I saw it, but it always makes me laugh! Now it's a lovely part of my collection. :D

      I've thought the exact same thing before! Austen was extremely popular in 95/96. So many versions from then! But I'm not complaining, mind you. ;)

  3. That's a great post!
    I actually like the 1995 P&P and the Sense and Sensitivity Mini series. I love Emma Thompson, Greg Wise and Alan Rickman but Hugh Grant always looks constipated and Kate Winslet fails to win me over.

    Anyway, I agree that you like what you like and that's fine :D

    I love to watch the persuasions and mansfield parks and northanger abbeys too :) the version with Felicity Jones of the later is one of my fave.

    1. Thanks Alex! I love the newest Northanger Abbey! I tried watching the version from the 80s (I think it's from then anyway), but I couldn't finish it. So I suppose that's one adaptation that I don't like. But the new one is wonderful! Felicity Jones is so cute and does a great job. I've definitely watched that one multiple times! :D

      I'm quite fond of both versions of S&S. And have you seen pictures of Greg Wise today? He has aged very well! :P

  4. My goodness Rupert is VERY handsome! I'll own up to it as well. He is one of the reasons why I watch that version! :D
    I am like you. With the love of the different versions and all.
    Bride and Prejudice is a particular favorite with myself, my youngest sister and my mum who I forced to watch and they all fell in love with it. The bright colors, the music, the dancing.

    1. Isn't he? Glad to know I'm not the only one! :D

      Bride and Prejudice is awesome! So colorful and the songs always get my toes tapping. How can anyone not enjoy it? (And I may or may not know all the lyrics by now. After watching it numerous times! ;)

    2. I do too!
      Haha!! It's so cute and entertaining plus Balraj (?) is hot as is Will of course. :)

    3. Yes, yes he is. The eye candy definitely helps me appreciate the film so much more! ;P

    4. And now I feel like having an Austen marathon!

    5. Good idea! But which to start first. Hmmmm. I actually haven't watched Bride and Prejudice for a little while. I'm thinking my toes may need some tapping done today. :)

    6. I haven't either but I'm more in the mood to watch Persuasion.

    7. Persuasion's a good choice too! Can't go wrong with Austen no matter what you pick. Enjoy Rupert! (If that's the version you're watching anyway.)

    8. Exactly. I think that's one of the reasons why we enjoy both watching and reading Austen.

    9. Amen and amen! Austen's awesome! :)


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