December 23, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things......

Please tell me you sang that line in your head when you read it. ;)

I saw this fun post the other day and it inspired me to do something similar. So I'm hoping Suey doesn't mind! I plan to do a post or two about my favorite books from this year, but I thought I'd start with a general post regarding some of the things that just made me happy. Fun, right?! (I sincerely hope you think so.)
:: Making new and awesome friends in VA (As well as renewing old friendships too.)
:: Having a spot to call my very own and piling my books everywhere
:: Reading Natalie Lloyd's debut A Snicker of Magic (I know. I said I wouldn't mention any books, but this one I had to highlight because it leads to my next favorite...)
:: Going to Nashville to the Southern Festival of Books and meeting Natalie Lloyd in person (The biggest highlight of my whole year!!)
:: Spending time with my nieces and nephews (Also getting trounced in any wii sport I tried. My nephew is a whiz at that stuff! And I am so not. ;)
:: Finding a library that is amazing and awesome and words can't even describe
:: Library book sales
:: Several friends had new babies this year and there's still one more to come. Which means I've had lots of babies to cuddle!
:: Time with friends including tea-drinking, book-chatting, hugs, serious convos, crazy and fun convos, laughter, tears, and happiness.
:: Getting The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on dvd and rewatching all the fun again.
:: I'm completely hooked on Call The Midwife. SO good.
:: Also LOVE Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Such a great series.
:: Austenland Enough said.
:: You've Got Mail twitter-quoting parties!
:: Chai tea
:: Bike trips surrounded by beautiful Autumn leaves
:: Hikes and waterfalls and ice-skating and sunrises and sunsets
:: Online friends who welcomed me back after a looonngg absence and make my heart happy with your comments and twitter convos and blog posts. Hugs for all of you!
My year has been full. For all the chaos and craziness, there has been SO much wonderful and happy. Here's hoping 2015 is even better! :)


  1. This is a bit embarrassing but I don't quite remember the movie that has a song with the same title... The Sound of Music, is it?

    Anyway, I love nature, family, friends ans literature, too. This year's been rough so my reading life was affected by that. But hopefully, just as you wrote, 2015 will be better. May it be so for you! Merry Christmas and happy New Year, friend.

    1. It is The Sound of Music! And I love that song. I may or may not sing it to myself when I need a bit of extra courage sometimes! ;)

      I'm sorry your year was hard, Ganise. And actually mine wasn't all sunshine and roses. But I'm positive if you look hard, there were lots of little, happy moments to be found. Just like in mine! I do hope 2015 shines brightly for you, my friend. And that we can both get more happy reading done! :)

      I hope your Christmas and New Year were delightful.

  2. Such a great list and I was most definitely singing that song :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend!!

    1. Thanks, Jamie. And yay for The Sound of Music! :D

  3. Aw, love this! So fun. I keep forgetting about 'Lizzie Bennet' DVD's. So going to snag this in the new year. Yay for Austenland... I *still* have to rewatch that. I mean... it's fun and too cute for its own good. Question is: why haven't I seen it again!? ;)

    Hope you had an awesome Christmas, friend. :)

    1. Thanks, Rissi! Isn't it crazy how fast life moves, so that we forget things like dvd's we'd meant to buy and suchlike? I hope you do get the chance to snag a copy soon! :) As for Austenland....*sigh* SUCH a fun movie! Hope you get the chance to rewatch soon. Because it's just adorable. You were actually the one to remind me about getting the dvd, if I remember right. So thank YOU! Love that movie.


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