October 28, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Week tag

Hello my lovelies! I trust you're all doing very well. I can say that I mostly am. Today is mom's birthday and oh how I wish I could celebrate it with her. I miss her terribly. I'm not really Okay yet, but I think I'm getting there. Kinda. Maybe. I'll get there someday! Happy birthday, mom. 

Anyhoo, a few weeks ago I had seen where Miss Evie was having an Anne of Green Gables Week. In fact, Movie Critic made sure to email me so I'd know about it. (Which I so appreciated!) I thought I'd get the chance to join in before the last day and well.....as you can see, I didn't. *sigh* Life! Still, better late than never, right? I love Anne (how can you not?!), so I decided I'd join in anyway and here I am!

Let's get to it, shall we? :)

Image result for anne of green gables movieHow did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?

I know I read the books at some point in my childhood, I just can't remember exactly when. And then I watched the first movie and fell completely in love! (I admit it, Gilbert had a whole lot to do with that. ;)

Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?

Hmmm...I'd say I'm probably a mix of both. I like big words and can do a whole lot of talking fast when I'm excited, plus I like to use my imagination, a bit like Anne. Yet I tend to be on the quieter side most of the time and definitely not the instigator of ideas, much like Diana.

Now that I'm thinking on it, I'm probably more Diana than I am Anne...

If Rachel Lynde called your hair as red as carrots, how would you react?

I'm sure I wouldn't feel complimented, but I'd hope that I would be adult enough to just ignore the statement.

Gilbert or Morgan Harris?

GILBERT of course!! Who'd choose Morgan Harris???? That's really a no-brainer.

Honest opinion on the third Anne film.

I like it. I know most people seem to bash it a lot, but most movies/miniseries always change something. While I wish they hadn't changed it quite so drastically, so long as I turn my brain off, I thoroughly enjoy watching grown up Anne and Gilbert together!

Image result for anne and gilbert
See what I mean?
I will watch those two no matter how awful the movie itself is. (I really don't think it's that awful though. Just very, very different.)

Have you seen the New Anne film?

I'm not sure which new one you're referring to... I know there was a new one a couple years ago that was based around her earlier years, before she went to live with Matthew and Marilla (I think?). And I know there are a couple new ones getting ready to come out, one yet this year and one next year. (At least, I don't think they've come out yet...) I haven't seen any of them, but I'm interested in trying the new ones yet to come. I decided I should reserve judgement until I see them. After all, if I hate them then I can always just rewatch the ones with Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie (*sighs dreamily* ;) again.

What in your own words is a Kindred Spirit?

Someone who truly understands you. You connect and relate with each other.

Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?

Ooo, that's a toughie. I like both! For different reasons, because they're really two different guys. I mean, they're both Gilbert, yes, but one is modern and one is not. Both are pretty adorable though! ;)

GGF Gilbert
{Incidentally, if you haven't watched Green Gables Fables, I recommend it! It's great fun.}

Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?

Nope, sorry.

Favorite book cover?


The films or the books?

Both! (Is that a cop out? Ah, well. I'm going with it anyway.) Naturally the books are where we get the most detail and descriptions. Yet I love the movies as well! There's just nothing like seeing Jonathan Crombie woo Megan Follows on my screen, what can I say? :D


  1. Yay!! Great Answers!! The Morgan Harris question was put in by my cousin who hasn't read the books and only seen the films ... :P

    1. Miss Evie: Ah, that makes sense then. And thank YOU for these fun questions! :)

  2. What I'm getting from this is that I really need to see the movies...

    1. MovieCritic: Oh yes! I highly recommend them! Especially the first two. :)

    2. Also, thank you for mentioning me! That was really sweet of you!

    3. MovieCritic: You're so very welcome! :)

  3. Such a fun tag! Love your answers too! :)

  4. There's a third movie?! WHAT!!! I want to watch it. I was always unsatisfied with the ending of the second movie.

    1. Jenni: There is! It's very, very different from the books just so you know. It's actually nothing at all like what happens in the books, but I still enjoy watching it. You'll have to let me know what you think of it, if you ever get the chance to watch! :)

      Yes, the second movie doesn't give nearly enough detail for me at the end. I always wish we could spend just a little bit more time with Anne and Gil together. The third movie helps with that, although they also spend a great deal of time apart during much of it. But the moments we do get are awfully sweet! (Well, most of them anyway. :)

  5. What is this Green Gables Fables? I haven't heard of it. Why is there even a question of Gilbert vs. Morgan? There is NO competition whatsoever! Hello! Gilbert Blythe is the perfect man.

    1. Kami: Green Gables Fables is a youtube modern retelling of Anne of Green Gables. Similar to The Lizzy Bennet Diaries. It's pretty cute!

      And yes! I completely agree! Gilbert is perfect. No exception.


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