February 17, 2017

More 'I Love Austen Week' Happiness

So the ever lovely and awesome Hamlette's I Love Austen Week is still going on! And as it's caused lots of thoughts of Jane and her stories to stay in my head all week, I've read a few posts that I find particularly worthy of sharing. So! Let's see what I found, shall we? :)


Here are Charity's thoughts on the Pride & Prejudice & Zombies movie and the pure awesomeness of it. She talks about how it's definitely a modern take on the story, especially with how the characters act out their emotions physically. I love her take on it because she's right! The scene between Lizzie and Darcy during his first proposal and how her emotions are manifested is by far one of my favorite scenes of the movie! Plus Charity's a fan of Matt Smith's Mr. Collins and I completely agree. ;)
"And, of course, there never has been, and never will be, a more hilariously, likable, over-the-top Mr. Collins than Doctor Who! (Matt, I dunno where you get those energy levels, but pass them in my direction! You’re so great, you got your own gag reel on the Blu Ray!"

Y'all know how much I love Persuasion, so when I saw this article titled '"I am half agony, half hope": Jane Austen’s most romantic love scene', naturally I was going to read it! :) The writer puts in better words than I what it is about that letter scene that I love so much. I particularly liked this paragraph:
"That’s part of what makes the emotional arc of Persuasion so effective: Over the course of the book, you watch Anne slowly learn how to express her feelings once again — at first painfully, with her profound mortification over Wentworth’s return, and then more happily, as she and Wentworth gradually fall back in love with each other. And that arc reaches its culmination in the letter scene."

I've linked this before, but I had to showcase it again. I love how Hamlette describes Anne (from Persuasion) in this post!
"Instead of thinking of herself as the unimportant second daughter, the person who rejected love, she can reshape her identity in her own eyes.  She can see herself as a helpful friend, a marriageable woman, an intelligent person who responds clearly and competently to adversities and crises.  Through those realizations, her spirits rise, her happiness returns.  And only then does she find love again."

This is an excellent review of Bride & Prejudice! She perfectly illustrates all the reasons why I love this movie.
"It's a fun, frothy film but true to the feel of the book, and the characters and the clothes really are lovely. Will someone invite me to an Indian wedding please?"


  1. What a nice collection of some of your favorite posts. I was surprised I enjoyed the P&P and Zombies movie - I put the book down because it was too...gross. :P Perhaps it was Lily James and Matt Smith that won me over in the end. ;) He does a fantastic Mr. Collins, I must agree.

    1. Skyeler: Thanks! I've heard different things about the P&P&Z book, so I haven't read it yet. But I loved the movie! I'm glad you liked it as well. Because Matt Smith as Mr. Collins is just awesome, isn't he?! :)


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