February 14, 2017

My {current} Favorite Period Drama Couples


Hello, my lovelies! I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with warmth and happiness. And chocolate, of course! ;) Whether it's with dear friends or with your significant other, I hope you have lots of reasons to smile today.

Y'all know I love period dramas, so I figured this was a good day to list a few of my favorite period drama couples that make me swoon. I could've kept going and going, but decided I'd better stop with 15. Have I listed any of your favorites?

1. John Thornton & Margaret Hale 
{North and South} 
Richard Armitage & Daniela Denby-Ashe

2. Gilbert Blythe & Anne Shirley 
{Anne of Green Gables} 
Jonathan Crombie & Megan Follows

Related image

3. Captain Frederick Wentworth & Anne Elliot 
Rupert Penry-Jones & Sally Hawkins 
Ciaran Hinds & Amanda Root

Image result for persuasion 1995 anne and wentworth

4. George Knightley & Emma Woodhouse 
Jonny Lee Miller & Romola Garai (2009)

Image result for emma 2009 emma and knightley

5. Fitzwilliam Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet 
{Pride & Prejudice
all adaptations!

Image result for lizzy and darcy ppz

Related image
6. Henry Tilney & Catherine Morland 
{Northanger Abbey
JJ Feild & Felicity Jones (2007)

Image result for northanger abbey 2007

7. Edward Ferrars & Elinor Dashwood 
{Sense & Sensibility
Dan Stevens & Hattie Morahan (2008)

Related image

8. William Buxton & Peggy Bell 
{Return to Cranford
Tom Hiddleston & Jodie Whittaker

Image result for williams buxton and peggy bell

9. Daniel Parish & Laura Timmons 
{Lark Rise to Candleford
Ben Aldridge & Olivia Hallinan

Image result for lark rise to candleford laura and daniel

10. Detective Inspector Jack Robinson & Phryne Fisher 
{Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Nathan Page & Essie Davis

Image result for PHRYNE AND JACK

11. Roger Hamley & Molly Gibson 
{Wives & Daughters
Anthony Howell & Justine Waddell

12. Matthew Crawley & Lady Mary Crawley 
{Downton Abbey
Dan Stevens & Michelle Dockery

Image result for downton abbey matthew and mary

13. Dick Dewy & Fancy Day 
{Under the Greenwood Tree
James Murray & Keeley Hawes

Image result for under the greenwood tree fancy and dick

14. Captain Thomas Gillan & Kitty Trevelyan 
{The Crimson Field
Richard Rankin & Oona Chaplin

Image result for the crimson field thomas and kitty

15. James Percy & Edith Adelon 
{The Inheritance
Thomas Gibson & Cari Shayne

Image result for the inheritance


  1. Awesome choices! I need to watch Return to Cranford. I love me some Hiddles! I also want to watch Northanger Abbey since I loved the book.

    1. Jenni: Thanks! Return to Cranford is wonderful! Although bits of it will only make sense if you've seen Cranford first. But Tom Hiddleston is a delight to watch! This miniseries was actually my introduction to him and I have loved him since! :)

      What part of Northanger Abbey I have watched, I'd say the '07 version stays pretty close to the book. So I hope you enjoy it if you ever get the chance to watch!

  2. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, Mr. Knightly and Emma, Edward and Elinor, William and Peggy, Mr. Thornton and Margaret... you've listed some of my favorites! Great list.

    1. Korin: Thank you! They are all such wonderful couples, aren't they? :)

  3. Yes yes yes! I love these characters. I know most of them and will have to check out the rest. I love the P&P pictures showing all the actors and actresses that have played Darcy and Elizabeth.

    1. Jenny: Aren't those collage pictures great? I was so happy to find them! :) And thanks. I'm glad you love many of these as well!

  4. Ah there's ome here I need to watch!

    1. Suey: If you haven't seen some of these, then for sure! I hope you enjoy. :)

  5. This list is so fun!!!! And attractive :).

    My favs are definitely on this list: John & Margaret, Elizabeth & Fitzwilliam, Anne & Frederick, Emma & John, Roger & Molly... I could go on!

    You've also reminded me of a few couples I need to get to know, like from The Inheritance and Lark Rise to Candleford for starters. I hope your Valentine's day has been filled with happiness!

    1. Courtney: Thank you! :D I'm so glad you agree with those couples. And I definitely think you'll love The Inheritance and Lark Rise! Both of those are quieter stories, as in there's no huge big angsty drama involved, but it's the character moments that stand out. And all the characters, not just the cute couples, are awesome!

  6. *sigh* I loved this post! I discovered some things I need to watch! Your first 4 are also favorites of mine! I did a TTT on my blog of my favorite couples, and I completely forgot Mr. Thornton!!! I feel so embarrassed and traitorous!!

    1. Kami: Thanks! And hey, forgetfulness happens! There are so many great couples out there, you just got distracted. :) I'll have to come check out who you listed!

  7. Lovely list! And great it includes William & Peggy. They are so cute together, but they are often overlooked I think.


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