September 20, 2012

Review: Legacy of the King's Pirates by M.L. Tyndall

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate day (ahoy, mateys!), I thought I'd review a series that had pirates in them! Of course, by the time this gets posted, the day will be gone. But it's the thought that counts, right? We'll just pretend that I posted this Tuesday evening, instead of Wednesday evening. Are we all in agreement? Great, moving on. (There will be spoilers, since I'm reviewing a trilogy. Sorry, but that was the easiest way to do this.)

The Redemption (The Legacy of the Kings' Pirates)

About Book One:

Lady Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of a father she never knew, only to find herself shipwrecked on a desert island. Near starvation, she is rescued by a band of pirates and their fiercely handsome leader, Edmund Merrick. Will Charlisse win her struggle against the seductive lure of this pirate captain? While battling his attraction to this winsome lady, Edmund offers to help Charlisse on her quest-until he discovers her father is none other than Edward the Terror, the cruelest pirate on the Caribbean. Can Edmund win this lady's love while shielding her from his lecherous crew and working to bring her father to justice?

The Reliance (The Legacy of the Kings' Pirates)

About Book Two:

Tormented by his wife's apparent demise, Edmund Merrick sails away to drown his sorrows-only to find himself trapped in the dark world of a demented Frenchman. When his mind clears from its rum-induced haze, will Edmund find the will to escape? Seemingly abandoned by her husband, Charlisse is thrown into the clutches of the vengeful pirate Kent. Will she be swept away by the undertow of treachery and despair? Can Edmund and Charlisse steer their way to the faith-filled haven they so desperately seek, or will they ultimately lose their love and lives to the sea?

The Restitution (The Legacy of the Kings Pirates)

About Book Three:

Lady Isabel Ashton, scorned by society after the birth of her illegitimate child, longs to regain wealth and position-despite Christ's call on her heart. But when her son is kidnapped, she's forced to seek the aid of the man who pirated her purity. How far will Isabel go to save her child and redeem her honor? Captain Kent Carlton, desperate to win the heart of the woman he once ravished, finds himself battling jealousy as well as the sea. Can a penniless pirate capture the love he so urgently desires, or will the lady seek her safe harbor in another man's arms?

My thoughts:

Book one - I admit, it caught my eye because it hadn't been too long since I had seen Pirates of the Caribbean. I had pirates on my brain, and as soon as I saw the book I thought, "what fun!" So I brought it home and immediately settled in for the evening. This book will grab you and take you for a wild ride! Poor Charlisse (and if you know how to pronounce that, more power to you) is hardly given any time to relax. The first page throws you right into a storm at sea, and there's hardly any down time from then on. Charlisse and Merrick circle around each other, and neither does what the other expects. Of course they're attracted to each other, but Merrick is a pirate, and pirates are supposed to be bad, right? (Discounting Captain Jack of course!) Ms. Tyndall does an excellent job at writing pirate vernacular though. It's actually easy to understand.  And pretty fun to read! (Ye's, and yer's, and jackanapes, etc.) There are kidnappings, and good pirates, and bad pirates, and flirtation, and cannons firing, and sword fights, and well, you get the picture.

Book two - Charlisse and Merrick are married but get separated  really soon. This one starts off with a fort attack. (Yes, they're on land, but they head out to sea pretty quickly.)  It then builds on the story from book one. Both of them battle insecurity and fears; and other pirates, namely the pirate named Kent. And there are several battles. Ms. Tyndall does not skirt around the miseries and fear that pirates would cause. But she doesn't make them unredeemable. That's the beauty of the story; how they become better people.

Book three - Focuses mostly on Isabel and Kent (whom you met in book one and two). Kent is a pirate and has lived a terrible life, as evidenced in the first books. But he never planned on Isabel. Her goodness and courage make him desire to be worthy of her. But after the life he's lived, that's not so easy to do. And Isabel does not simply yield to him! (After what he's done to her, I can't say I blame her.) She's spunky and feisty; she keeps him on his toes. So they have quite a time learning to trust one another, with their lives and with their hearts. It is not a smooth road at all. But the swords and cannons and pirate ships are there to add lots of fun and excitement!

Overall, this series is just a lot of fun! It allows you to live the life of a pirate vicariously, without all the blood and sweat on your end. :) Try it out, I'm pretty positive that you won't be bored!

Some quotes from all three
Book one - "He be the first mate. Good sailor. Better at swordplay than any I seen in a while. I'm glad he didn't draw his sword." He grinned at her and then added in a capricious voice, "Bit of a jackanapes, if ye ask me."
Book two - "Know this milady. If that fish-brained husband of yours dares to attack me, I will sink him to the depths of the ocean."
Charlisse marched toward Kent, emboldened by the sight of Merrick's ship. "If my husband attacks you, you insufferable boor, 'tis you who will find yourself in a watery grave."
Book three - Isabel sneered. "Wealth without title, without position, is meaningless. Honor and integrity cannot be bought, and you, sir, are without both."
Then he growled, and in one swoop, hoisted her over his shoulder. "Swounds, woman, I would that it did not come to this, but your impudence is not to be borne."

Have a jolly good day, ye land lubbers!

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