September 22, 2012

"Weird Things...", Cute Kids, Summer Ending
{Be warned. This post is meandering and curious.}

I simply had to send y'all over to This is Not the Six Word Novel! Jen did a cute "Weird Things" post on what children have been saying in her bookshop. If you need a laugh, head on over! (Don't worry, it's short and sweet.)   :)
    Went to a hot dog roast/birthday bash tonight at my cousin's house. Since I live so far away from my immediate family, my cousins have made me a part of theirs. I always have so much fun when I visit! And when I'm missing my nieces and nephews something fierce, their children ease the pain. (Any other aunts/uncles out there who don't get to see their nieces/nephews very often? Tell me I'm not alone!)

      D had these candles on the table, and I thought they were so cute. Of course the kids couldn't leave them alone. What is it about fire that is so fascinating? They all, at one point or another, were poking at the wax or blowing at the flame. I even saw the adults trying it out! :)

      Fire is mesmerizing. It's like when you go camping and sit around the campfire. There is always that one moment (or five or ten) you pick up something with a long handle (stick, skewer, hot dog roaster, pie iron, it doesn't matter so long as it's long and fire-resistant, or not), and poke away at the campfire. You sit and stare at it. You push the log to the left, then to the right. You poke at the coals. You pull the stick thingy out and stare at the end that's burnt. Then you get up and add more logs to play with. And start the whole process again. You just can't leave it alone! (Come on, you know you've done it.) I don't get it, I just do it; and it seems to affect almost everyone. (Young, old, tall, short, smart, dumb, get the picture.) Fire simply intrigues us.
        One other thing I always forget is how LOUD children can be when they're playing together! My house is quiet. The only noise is the occasional snuffle or bark of my roommate's dog. (Not that often.) But let me tell you, quiet is non-existent when you get 8 children together ranging in age from 1 to 9!

        Especially when you have a 3 year old who needs constant attention. "Wook, Kara! Are you wooking (looking)? Kara......Kara......KARA!!!!!! WOOK!! (Patience is not a virtue in that child's mindset.)

        But he's so cute!

        I can't resist him!

        He comes up as soon as I arrive, and just blinks those sweet little eyes, smiles at me, and HAS to tell me all about the chocolate and marshmallows we're going to have for dessert (and then into the kitchen to point them out to be sure that I've seen them with my very own eyes). Just a little later, he comes over and gives me a great big hug. How do I not 'wook' when he asks? (Okay, yes, I can say no to him. Really. I mean it. Promise. At least once. I won't mention the other 50 times when I don't. Hey, I'm just the cool cousin, I leave the parenting up to the parents. I figure that's the privilege I get just because. Isn't that reason enough? Who's with me? Anyone? No? Sigh. Okay then.)
          Anyhoo, twas an awesome evening. And a great way to give summer one last hurrah! I can't believe September's almost over. I know we always talk about how time flies, but that saying is a saying for a reason! It's totally true!

          I love summer. Not the hot, hot weather mind you. But the warm sandal-wearing weather. I also like the early fall where it's cool but I can still wear sandals.  Not a huge fan of winter because I have to wear layers upon layers and socks and shoes. (Are you sensing a pattern? I LOVE my sandals! Let my feet have air!)

          But this year I'm looking forward to the colder weather. And it's all because of that new scarf I have now! I am so excited to wear it. (I'm really tempted to start wearing it now, but considering that it's still 90 outside in the middle of the day, that probably wouldn't be smart. I'd keel over from heat stroke and have to actually admit that I got too hot simply because I couldn't wait to wear my scarf. I don't think my doctor would be amused. I don't think I would be be amused. So I'll just wait a little longer.)

          Wrap Up With A Good Book Scarf: Persuasion by Jane Austen

          But what fun it will be when I finally get a cold day to wear it! :)

          Okay, so if you're still reading this, you totally deserve some cookies! Most definitely some of my fabulous Carmelita's. Unfortunately I do not own a transporter, nor do I think the US postal service would work fast enough for me, or you. So I'll telepathically send you the sweet aroma of warm caramel and chocolate on top of a wonderful crumby crust. Smells divine, doesn't it?

          On the bookish front, more reviews coming this weekend. Least ways that's what I'm hoping. Y'all have a fab weekend of reading and eating and just generally having an awesome time!

          Toodle-loo kangaroos!


          1. This post made me laugh! Thanks for sharing hun, and yes, I've played with candles. Foolishly, but meh, it was too fascinating not to play with.

          2. Giulia-Fire IS so fascinating, I have no idea why, but it is! Way too many times have I almost gotten burnt, but I still play with it again and again. Sigh, humans. Who can understand us if we can't understand ourselves? ;) Glad I could brighten your day a little.


          Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the internet! :)


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