September 28, 2012

Words, words, the musical fruit...

Words, words, the musical fruit..... Wait, that's not how that goes, is it? But it could! Words can be very musically minded, you know. Now let me think...........

Words, words, the musical fruit, the more you say, the less you're cute! (Sorry, it's Friday night, I'm tired. That's the best I got right now.)

Seriously though, words are so interesting. They are how we communicate anything. I mean think about it. Words make up our songs, our books, our talking, our thinking, our describing, you name it. When you look at something, you have to use words to even think about what you're looking at. They are such a huge part of our lives, we simply couldn't do without them.

And some of them are so much fun! For example: thither, felicity, nonsensical, hitherto, awesome, splendiferous, delicious, extravaganza. (I could keep going, but I won't. You're welcome.) But aren't they fun to say out loud? I dare you, triple dog dare you even!, to say them out loud right now, exactly where you are. No matter who's listening, no matter how they may look at you, just pick one word that looks fun to say, either from my tiny little list or one you like, and say it out loud right now. This instant! Go ahead, I'll wait here.

Did you do it? Were you brave? Maybe that isn't bravery for you, but it is for me! If it makes you feel better I did it, but as I am sitting alone in my room typing, it didn't really have any effect. But I promise that the next moment I am somewhere a little more public, I will use felicity in a sentence. (Really. I will!) I'll let you know what happened. But you have to return the favor! If you can use one of my words, or a unique word of your choosing in a sentence to someone else, please, please tell me about it! Stories are splendiferously awesome! (See what I did?) But it has to be a word that you would not normally say. So leave a comment with the word used, and how you used it, and what reactions (if any) happened. I promise to enjoy your stories. :)

One thing is for certain about this gal, written words are my crazy friends. I mean, you get me in a big room full of people and my mind goes completely blank and therefore I say nothing, but you sit me down in front of a computer to write a blog post and I'll type about all kinds of nothings til the cows come home! (And this post is obviously one of those kind. If you can't tell.)

That's also a problem for me at work. I work in an office and occasionally have to type memos and such. My word vomit gets so bad sometimes, that I automatically have my supervisor proofread any letter or memo I send out now. (Lucky for me, he's a nice guy that way.) And he usually can eliminate about a quarter to half of my sentences. There has yet to be a moment when he proofreads something I've typed and doesn't scratch out at least one sentence or phrase. (My blog posts would probably drive him absolutely nuts!) For some reason, my brain likes to use twenty words to describe or talk about something, when five would actually work just fine. Anybody else have that problem?

Words are unique and wonderful. I like to throw out something different every once in a while. In fact, I've been tossing around an idea to try here. A Word of the Week, or month, or whatever length of time I decide on. Where I choose a fun word, showcase it somewhere on my blog, perhaps define it so we all know what it means, and attempt to then use that word as many times in my posts as I can. What do y'all think? Is it too silly? Please let me know. And be honest! If you like my idea, you can say 'Kara, what a fabulous idea!'. If you don't like it, you can say 'Kara, that's way too silly. Do not even attempt it.' I will not be offended (as long as you're nice about it anyway).

If you can't tell, I would love some feedback. Pretty please? With sugar and ice cream on top? :)

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. I noticed Bloggiesta is going on, so I may lurk around some of those posts myself. Perhaps my blog will look prettier by Monday. Or maybe it won't. Who knows what will happen? Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. I love this post--especially as I tend to be pretty wordy. I KNOW that I can cut down what I say to a few short phrases's just not as fun. ;)

    I love your idea. I've thought about doing something similar as my brother has been studying for the SAT and learning new vocab words. There are definitely some great words out there!

  2. Trish-Thank you! I am extremely wordy and proofreading is my best friend. But I agree, short sentences just aren't as fun. I always go back and re-read what I've typed (even in comments) and see what could be changed. I'm kind of strange that way.

    Thank you for your encouragement. There are amazing words out there that nobody ever uses! I'd like to challenge myself to use more of them. Even in my every day speech. Sort of like Anne Shirley. :)

  3. I was considered a tad too succinct in university...maybe I just made my point very clearly? Thus later it sounded repetitive? Whatever lol that was then. I love this post, because I love words too! I think a we'd of the week, month whatever s a great idea! I seriously love it. Oh, and I use big words when I'm tired with my students and the looks on their faces are highly amusing.

  4. Giulia-I love that! You sound like a teacher right up my alley. Very 'Anne' of you. ;)

    I think I will try my idea. I just gotta find time to plan it all out. Good grief, I never knew how busy I was until I started a blog! Anyways, thanks for the encouragement. The world could use more Anne Shirley's right? :)


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