September 24, 2012

It came in the mail today!!!

So remember from a whole entire week ago, when I posted that I won a book? Well, hallelujah it came in the mail today!!! It looks fabulous. :) Since I had told y'all that I won it, I figured I better actually show proof of receiving it when it got here. I did think that it would take a lot longer to traverse the mailing system from London, England all the way over to me, but one week is not bad at all! In fact, I was very, very surprised to get home tonight and find it waiting on me. Definitely made my Monday blues a LOT happier! (And my Monday blues are notoriously fickle and moody.)

I do admit that my hand maybe looks a little ridiculous, but I hope you don't mind anyway. :) And check out the lovely little inscription Jen wrote:

Nothing too amazing I guess, except IT'S SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! That's one of the best things about it. Who am I kidding? The whole thing-won book, mailed from England, signed by author, etc.-is simply delightful, and awesome, and splendiferously wonderful! :)

So, it's official, my Monday blues are gone. I've been smiling all evening! :) :) :) :) :) :) See?

Toodle-loo kangaroos! Hoppy reading!


  1. Awsome! That was fast! I have been waiting three weeks for a package from Ohio to Alaska!

  2. Angi-It was fast! I really thought it would take a whole lot longer than that. The mailing system can be really fast sometimes, and then really slow other times. It's hard telling how it will go when you send something off. I hope your package gets up there soon!


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