May 31, 2013

Little Letters Seventh Edition*

Dear Holiday Weekend, thanks for making my workweek a day shorter! That was awful nice of you.

Dear Rachel Hauck, please keep the lovely prince/princess stories coming! I absolutely loved your most recent adventure and can't wait for more to come. Really, really, really can't wait! At least I have one sitting on my shelf to re-read over and over.

Dear Twitter, well. I've joined your ranks. Only a couple days old! I foresee you becoming a slight obsession. Remind me not to pester people on there, okay? I'd hate to wear out my welcome. But my friends were certainly right! You are lots of fun.

Dear Welcome to Sanditon People, I'm so happy to finally understand what's going on! There were a few days when I wasn't sure what you were doing. But it has been explained and so all is well! Plus this week had some plot development finally and cute ones at that. I love Clara! Especially sassy Clara. Can we have her show up every week? She's totes adorbs!

Dear E.M. Forster, I'm enjoying A Room With a View. Really! I am! But I've been reading it aloud to others and do you know how many words you wrote that I have no idea how on earth to pronounce? Let alone what they even mean! I'm beginning to think I'll need to keep a dictionary handy through the entire book. But never fear! I'm finding Lucy's observations of those around her so funny. I never realized humor was a skill of yours? Who knew? Well. I suppose Hamlette did.

Dear Charles Dickens, I recently picked up Bleak House from the library. Whimsey Keith convinced me that I just might enjoy this story of yours (thanks Rebecca!). She told me there is a happy ending, which I had doubted before. But I'm inclined to believe her. Hence why I borrowed it. What do you think? Is that a good plan for my weekend?

Dear Rain, where did you come from this week? Don't you know how surprising it is when you show up in May? But I still enjoyed getting a free car wash. So thanks for that!

Dear Readers of Books, do you/can you read multiple books at the same time? I always thought I could only read one at a time, but I'm finding out that's no longer true. I can listen to one in the car and have two or three going on at home. Both real and Kindle versions. Is that weird?

Dear Friday, I'm so happy you've arrived! But Saturday will make me even happier. Why? Because I get to sleep in later! What better thing to look forward to? I do love my bed.

*courtesy of Rissi.


  1. Welcome to Twitter. It's SO addictive.

    1. Thank you, Juju! And I am definitely finding that out. ;D

  2. Yes! We are delighted you joined Twitter, Kara! Seriously. And m'dear, you could never wear out your welcome! "Bug" us anytime, my friend. Anytime.


    Hey - irony alert! I am working on another 'Little Letters' (just waiting til I dream up enough ;D) post and also included Rachel in mine. She's totally won me over with this book - cannot wait to read more by her.

    Have a great weekend! Like you, always glad to usher it in. :)

    Love these!

    1. You are too sweet, Rissi. Thank you!

      How can we not let Rachel know how awesome we think she is? Great minds think alike and kindred spirits and all that strike again! :D

      I just love doing these posts.

  3. These posts are so cute! Love them! :)

    Welcome to Twitter!

    I used to only read one book at a time, too, but now I read so many it's pitiful. I always *at least* have one going on Kindle and one "real" book.

    1. Thank you, Bluerose! They're a lot of fun to write.

      So glad I'm not the only who does that. I seem to have multiple books going at once. When I look at myself, I think how crazy I probably seem to non-readers. But other readers understand-woohoo! ;)

  4. You're reading A Room with a View! I'm so excited! Especially because you're finding it funny :-)

    I generally read at least 2 books at a time, plus have at least one story I'm writing, and my brain juggles all the characters just fine. Not weird at all.

    1. Oh my goodness, Hamlette! Lucy is hilarious! As is Charlotte. The view Lucy has of her world and what she thinks of everyone she comes into contact with? I read something and then stop and have to go read it again because I'm thinking, "Did I just read that right? Did she really just think that? Or say that?" So much fun! :D

      Oh good. Phew. I don't understand how I can keep track of what's happening in each story. But somehow it works.

    2. I also love the narrator's random observations on the absurdities of all involved.

      Is it me, or would a young Ewan McGregor have made a perfect George?

    3. Yes! I've gotten so amused at the random little things noticed and mentioned. These characters all certainly have their absurd moments. :D

      That's a fabulous idea! He so would have been able to carry George's quirks while making him likeable. Plus he's good-looking but not so striking that he's noticeable. If that makes sense? George has to grow on you, like he does on Lucy and I bet Ewan could really portray that.

    4. I envisioned him in the role both times I read it, and now I fear no other portrayal will compete. Quick! Let's go back in time and make this movie when Ewan was the right age! Who could we get to be Lucy if this was filmed in the mid-90s?

    5. I love that idea! Now I'm definitely going to be picturing him in that role as I continue reading. I love having visuals when I'm reading a book.

      Hmmmm. Who could it be? Julia Ormond maybe? I'll have to think some more.

    6. Hmm. I think Julia Ormond might have been too pretty. I mean, Lucy is supposed to be pretty, but not gorgeous. On the other hand, I'm not coming up with a better option myself, lol. Hmm.

    7. Good point. I wasn't really sure she was right, but couldn't come up with anyone else. I'll have to think some more! The right girl is out there. I just know it! ;)


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